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By Air

Holbaek airfield is a private airfield, located just north of the village of New Hagested.The airfield is owned by Holbaek Flying Club.The nearest airport is Copenhagen and there is highway all the way from the capital (route 21).

By Train

Holbaek is a major stop on the Copenhagen-Kalundborg railway line running nearly in a straight line west over Zealand with departures once or twice per hour during most of the day.It takes around 50 minutes from Copenhagen and Kalundborg and around 30 minutes from Roskilde.Holbaek station is the interchange to the private Regionstog's line to Nykobing Sjaelland which covers nearly all of the Odsherred Peninsular.

By Bus

If you are comming from West Denmark change to bus 13 in Slagelse (Intercity trains), it takes around an hour the bus continues to Nykobing Sjaelland and gets there a bit faster than the train.Another option is catching the ferry to Kalundborg from Aarhus and catch a train from there.Most of the Abildskou intercity buses between Copenhagen and Jutland stops at the Q8 gas station in Tuse (Kalundborgvej 220).

Key places to visit
St. Nikolai Church, Tveje Merlose Church, Holbaek Museum, Holbaek Theatre, Musikhus Elvaerket, Theatre Fair Play, Proportion Nyvang, Denmark Road and Bromuseum


Places to Visit

St. Nikolai Church

St. Nikolai Church in Holbaek is the parish church of St. Nicholas Parish in Holbaek Municipality.The church was built 1868 - 72 in red brick on a plinth of granite.The church was built in Romanesque style with a north-facing tower facing Holbaek thoroughfare.Church entrance is to the north through the tower.The church was built at the same place where the Abbey Church, St. Lucius formerly stood.While the abbey church however lay with the traditional location with west facing tower was the newly built church reversed so the tower facing north, presumably to give a more desirable access from Ahlgade.

Tveje Merlose Church

Tveje Merlose Church is located in the village Tveje Merlose approx. 3 km south of Holbaek.The church is one of Copenhagen's oldest with tvilligetarne which are fully preserved.At the end of the 1800s it was fashionable to buildings restorations were restored to their original appearance.The architect HB Storck was in charge of the restoration of Tveje Merlose Church.He chose to demolish the 500 year old vaults to restore church room's original appearance.Similarly a medieval porch removed.The result is undoubtedly very similar to the original but it can not be denied that the room was somewhat sterile and boring.Present church altar by the artist Joakim Skovgaard in 1894 after the architect's model.

Holbaek Museum

is a cultural-historical local museum for Holbaek Municipality.The museum's purpose through the collection, recording, research, preservation and dissemination to help secure the local, regional and national heritage in and around Holbaek including elucidate development variety and continuity in human development living and living conditions etc. within that part of the cultural heritage that is related to the museum's scope.Holbaek Museum founded in 1910 under the name "People's Museum of Holbaek and surrounding districts" and the first November 1911 opened the first exhibition in the convent building at St. Nicholas Church.In 1919 the museum moved to new premises in Soren Mays says.Since then several buildings included and the museum now includes 13 historic buildings and a pilot boat.

Holbaek Theatre

Holbaek Theatre is a egnsteater in Holbaek.The theater presents its own productions and guest performances but also other events such as Salons, lectures, stand-up comedy, music and more. Several of Holbaek Theatre productions sent on tour around the country.Holbaek Theatre has won Denmark's premier theater price Reumert the Year for two consecutive years: in 2008 for children and youth show "Hostage - a story in reality,"which takes place in a moving bus.And again in 2009 for the musical theater show "69 - A theatrical rock concert", which is about trouble in the Youth House on Norrebro .Theatre is led by a direkorduo consisting of Brian Kristensen and Kristoffer Moller Hansen.

Musikhus Elvaerket

is a concert and venue in Holbaek, housed in a former municipal power plant built in 1911.It functioned as power until 1952.In the years that followed became the power plant including used for storage purposes.In the late '70s a number of music societies and cultural groups with Holbaek Municipality to establish a community center in plants.Elvaerket then worked as a community center until 1996 when it was transferred to Holbaek Municipal Music School Administration for the establishment of a pure concert hall.The result was Musikhus Elvaerket - also known as Rhythmic Center Holbaek.

Theatre Fair Play

is a touring professional theater that plays for children and adolescents.The theater has its own house and stage in the center of Holbaek.The theater has 7 permanent employees and offers in addition a large number of performance time professional theater people each season.The theater is egnsteater in Holbaek Municipality and also receive grants from the Arts Council.

Proportion Nyvang

is a historical adventure in North Sealand, located at Nyvang an old large farm of 44 ha, located south of Holbaek.The place is a living outdoor museum where the share period from 1870 one thousand nine hundred fifty can be experienced through several exhibitions and activities for example is a dairy cooperative with steam engine and the butter churn, a state small farm with animals and forge, a sawmill, a shoemaker's shop, a supermarket, a church, a lifeboat station and other business from that time.I share the village's ancient usage it is possible for visitors to buy cheese, nykaernet butter, salt herring, obtain damages, baskets, brooms and more.The center is located 4 kilometers from Holbaek center.

Denmark Road and Bromuseum

is a museum institution under the Ministry of Transport.The museum was established in connection with a traffic agreement in parliament on 5th November 2003.The exhibition is located on the outskirts of Holbaek beside the historic adventure Proportion Nyvang.Denmark Road and Bromuseum has as its main objective to disseminate knowledge on roads and bridges cultural and historical significance and disseminate information to the Danish road and bridge building.Museum must ensure collections from the former Danish Vejmuseum and collect, record and preserve items related to road and bridge building history in Denmark and undertake research and dissemination in the field.The museum was inaugurated on 21st June 2011 by Transport Minister Hans Christian Schmidt.

Right Time to Visit

April - August