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Region Nordjylland
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By Air

Airports nearest to Hjorring are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Sindal Airport (distanced approximately 15 km)
Aalbourg Airport (distanced approximately 42 km)
Skagen Z7 Limousine Service Airport (distanced approximately 43 km)
Laeso Airport (distanced approximately 64 km)
Aars Flyveplads Airport (distanced approximately 76 km)

By Train

Hjorring is a major train stop and transport centre in the region with bus to most cities, villages and beaches across the county.Trains for Frederikshavn and Aalborg (continuing south towards Copenhagen) are run pa Danish State Railways the private railway line to Hirtshals by Nordjyske jernbaner and all buses by Nordjyllands trafikselskab.

Key places to visit
St. Catharine Church, Bistrup Church, Vendsyssel Historical Museum, Christian Gift Park, Svanelunden Park, Sct. Canute's Source


Places to Visit

St. Catharine Church

is a cruciform church (dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria) is Hjorring's largest church, located near the Old Town Square.It consists of a late Roman core of brick but is dominated by the recent renovations and additions.Of the original Romanesque brick building is preserved only a few remnants but a small fragment of a profiled base with the lower portion of a pilaster shows that it has belonged to the Vendsyssel brick group and individual krumhugne ashlar may indicate that it has had an apse.

Bistrup Church

Bistrup Church is the newest church in Hjorring.Queen Margrethe II cut the first sod for the church in August 1976.The property was already Lindevej Church there was an old wandering church of wood.Bistrup church was designed by architect Holger Jensen and was inaugurated on Palm Sunday they.19th in March 1978.Bistrup church does not look like a traditional church.The cross sits on the church tower signifying that this is a church for the people and not a random culture.

Vendsyssel Historical Museum

Vendsyssel Historical Museum School Street in Hjorring founded by dentist Lonborg Friis (d. 1912, bust in the museum garden modeled by JN Sondrup).The museum was founded in 1889 and 1959 nationally recognized as a regional museum.Since 1974 it has been run as an independent institution funded by the state, North Jutland County, Municipality of Hirtshals, Hjorring Municipality, loop-Vra Municipality and Sindal Municipality.The current building was commissioned 1900.1 928 rebuilt, the oldest part of the old Sindal rectory (built 1678) in the museum garden.Also Hjorring old deanery is incorporated into the museum.The museum houses collections of antiquities, coins, costumes, citizen home interiors and agricultural implements.There is one collection of medicinal herbs in the garden.

Christian Gift Park

is a park belling near Hjorring center.Christian Gift is now a popular picnic place where young and old together.Grass areas are frequently used for sunbathing, reading and socializing in the summer.There is also a playground on site.The park is also known for hosting some of the city's oldest and largest trees.

Svanelunden Park

is one of Hjorring's largest park which was built in 1878 on the initiative of George H. Nielsen.Svanelunden since its construction has been a popular destination for both children and adults.In ancient times there was built a tea garden in the park and now (2010) there is a restaurant on site.In the park there is an open-air, which is used on special occasions including at the annual midsummer event with bonfires on the lake.

Sct. Canute's Source

Sct. Canute's Source is a park located in Sct. Canute City of Hjorring.The source which lay southwest of the city was purified in 1903 and that same year was held Midsummer Fest on the spot.In 1909 at the instigation of the promoter to clean the facility, Lonborg Friis and George H. Nielsen, raised a number of memorial stones of excellent Vendelboe and events in Vendsyssel history.In 1943 inaugurated an open air theater in the park.

Right Time to Visit

March - July