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Heliopolis is located between Cairo International Airport and central Cairo. An antiquated tram system runs between Ramses Station and Heliopolis.

Key places to visit
Baron Empain Palace, Basilica of Notre Dame, Obelisk of Senusert , Uruba Presidential Palace, Korba Street Festival


Places to Visit

Baron Empain Palace

al-Uruba St. Erected by Baron Empain, this utterly bizarre structure was inspired by Angkor Wat and the Hindu temples of Orissa, and looks thoroughly out of place in Cairo. You can take a peek from the road, but alas, the interior has been off limits for years.

Basilica of Notre Dame

at the end of Al-Ahram Street. A miniature version of Istanbul's Aya Sofya, dubbed the "jelly mold" by expats. Especially worth a look.

Obelisk of Senusert

Midan al-Misallah. The obelisk originates from the Temple of Atum, the same complex where Cleopatra's Needle in London and the one in New York's Central Park came from. The obelisk dates back to approximately 1900 BC, providing a reminder of Heliopolis' past, as it sits in Midan al-Misallah in the midst of the modern city.

Uruba Presidential Palace

Not open to the public. Once a grand hotel that opened in 1910, the Uruba Palace is now the official residence of the Egyptian President. The hotel fell into disuse in the 1960s, and for a brief period, the palace was home to the Federation of Arab Republics. In the 1980s, the palace was restored and became the official residence.

Korba Street Festival

Baghdad Street. Annual cultural festival that takes place each spring, centering on Heliopolis’ Baghdad Street. The festival features Egyptian performing artists.


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January - April
October - December