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Haskovo okrug
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By Air

the closest airport is Topolovgrad Airport to Haskovo, Bulgaria.A private jet charter will get you from one place to another in the fastest possible time, will guarantee that you have the ultimate flight, comfort and luxury while in the air and is a good way to travel; no matter what kind of passenger you are.For a small weekend getaway or the perfect family vacation to remember, hiring a private jet charter to take your family to the destination in mind, is a great way to travel in luxury, and is a great way to make a memorable vacation for your entire family.

By Bus

The bus station is located at 11, Suedinenie Blvd.This is a stop along the Trans-European motorway to the Middle East.Over 54 bus lines ensure the transport connections with Dimitrovgrad, Harmanli, Lyubimets, Svilengrad, Stambolov and many other towns and villages in and outside of the region.

By Train

there is the railway station 27, Suedinenie Blvd., in the eastern part of the town.The town is a station along the Rousse – Toulovo - Podkova railway line.Apart from the central railway station there are several other stops on the territory of the town.11 regular bus and trolley inter-town lines line operate within Haskovo.

Key places to visit
Ivan Dimov Drama Theatre, Alexander Tomb, Kenan Park, Haskovo Zoo, Monument of the Holy Mother of God, Museum of Thracian art


Places to Visit

Ivan Dimov Drama Theatre

The theater was founded by a group of enthusiasts in 1921 theater was dramatic until 2000 when it merged with City Theatre and received the status of center produced without state actors.Funding for the theater is shared between the state and municipality, but each year to protect and project funding to the Ministry of Culture.Is adopted and the principle of co-production and creative partners in these projects are the National Theatre "Ivan Vazov", Theatre of Satire "Aleko Konstantinov", "Tear and Laughter" and others.The stage of SPT "Ivan Dimov" were placed over the first 30 Bulgarian theater, and each year are placed between two and four new drama and puppet plays.Theatre covers a wide range of theatrical genres - from classical drama to modern drama.The building of the theater in which it is housed today, was built in 1925 thanks to donations from individuals and funds from the municipality.The building has two halls, a large hall with 350, and a small - 100 seats.

Alexander Tomb

Alexander tomb was opened in 2001, the by Bulgarian archaeologist Georgi Kitov near Alexandrovo, Haskovo.Is dated to the 4th century BC Prinadlezhala is Thracian king or a noble aristocrat.Subjects relating to the burial ceremony and Thracian religious beliefs about the afterlife of visokostatusnata person is robbed, the tomb but impresses with its unique murals.As construction tomb has a 10-meter corridor, a beehive-like entrance and a round burial chamber.The chamber found the remains of a destroyed bed ritual.Structure plays the role of temple and mausoleum, is one of the most remarkable monuments of Thracian culture.Its purpose was to give the last refuge of one of the Thracian Kings, whose name is unknown.With its architecture and paintings, it is one of the masterpieces of Thracian heritage in our country and ranks among the largest facilities of its kind found so far.Make it unique however its frescoes.Hunting and battle scenes, and scenes from the funeral feast alternated with monochromatic layers and those with ornamental decoration.The tomb is 10 meters above the long corridor and two rooms - round and rectangular.Figural scenes with horses and people on foot, wild and domestic animals, floral and geometrical ornaments cover the walls at the end of the corridor in both areas.

Kenan Park

The largest park in the municipality - park "Kenana".This park appears to be peculiar lungs of the city and a natural barrier to harmful emissions that are producing industries "Neochim" (chemical plant) and "Volcano" (plant for cement production) within the placements 15km north of the town of Dimitrovgrad.he park covers an area of ​​236.6 hectares and is located northeast of the city.The project is architect.Valentin Atanasov and architect.Dzhubelieva.Building and shaping takes place between 1955 and 1970.The approach of the park turns into a broad promenade, 3 km long, which leads to the pond.Along the promenade are separate playgrounds and sports grounds and all along the driveway in 25 m benches are located adjacent to litter bins and lighting and alley itself ends with dekoratino lake.The park is located and two park-hotel by 3 or 4 stars, with swimming pool and spa centers. And next door is the largest complex of red clay tennis courts in the city.

Haskovo Zoo

Situated in the dense deciduous forests of the park Kenana it is a favorite of children.Beginning of the zoo began in 1958 Ivan Gospodinov suits near Arboretum spots bear, deer and deer.In 1977 the zoo has to be allotted for this purpose an area of ​​12 acres.Separated places are herbivores, carnivores, primates, rodents, waterfowl and other predatory birds.Credit for the construction and maintenance over the years are Gospodinov I., Eng C. Zlatinov, Pencho Angelov, Dr. D. Todeva and others and many animals have been "adopted".In 2006 the municipality started reconstruction of the zoo and some cells were simply sanitized and others completely destroyed and a new build.Until now the reconstruction is completed 80% and actually left half nerekonstrurani sector.All this was to the zoo to be certified by the European Union.This is already a fact and the local zoo is officially a member of the big European semesystvo of zoos.Sign not and never was and the doors are open 24 hours 365 days a year under the watchful eye of guards.

Monument of the Holy Mother of God

is a monument in Haskovo, a city in southeastern Bulgaria.The monument is dedicated to Mary, the mother of Jesus and was unveiled in 2003.Standing at a total height of 31 metres or 102 feet (of which the statue itself is 14 m or 46 ft),the monument has been certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest statue of the Virgin Mary with the Infant Jesus in the world.The Virgin Mary is the traditional patron saint of Haskovo.The Bulgarian National Revival-time Church of the Holy Mother of God, built from 1832 to 1837, was the first cathedral to be built in Haskovo in modern times.The feast of the Nativity of the Mother of God on 8 September has been celebrated as one of the most important holidays of that city.The earliest record of an organized celebration dates from 1896 and the feast was officially proclaimed the Day of Haskovo in 1993.In 2009, the Haskovo municipality announced plans to build a 29-metre bell tower (95 ft) on the Yamacha hill behind the monument.The monument and the tower would form a cohesive unit.

Museum of Thracian art

15 km from Haskovo towards Simeonovgrad Alexandrovo village is located.There, on 15.05.2009 year, in the presence of Their Majesties Akishino - Prince and Princess of Japan, President of Bulgaria Georgi Parvanov, the Minister of Culture Stefan Danailov and many guests officially opened "Museum of Thracian art." It was built with financial assistance from Japan amounting to nearly $ 3 million.The newly built museum has a total area of ​​833.4 square metersOne part of the building with an area of ​​355 square meters is designed for rich museum and a copy of the tomb in Alexandrovo.The exposition provides information about the Thracian tomb - history of discovery and exploration and interpretation of the murals.Thracian heritage in the regional scope is represented by movable monuments of culture, chronologically covers the period of late Iron Age (VI - I centuries BC).Moreover, here visitors can learn about the most remarkable archaeological sites in the Eastern Rhodopes, Sakar Mountain and the valley of the Maritsa River.

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