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By train

As Hameenlinna is situated at the most important railway of Western Finland it's well connected with Helsinki and Tampere as well as cities further north, like Vaasa, Oulu and Rovaniemi.

By boat

Yes, there is a waterway between Tampere and Hameenlinna. At summer it can be the most enjoyable way to travel, while the views at the lake Vanajavesi are at their best. The trip can be quite long though. Finnish Silverline offers cruises, which take 8 hours one way.

By car

Exactly 100 km north from Helsinki with the motorway 3 E12. The nearest major city (and airport) is Tampere, about 75 km to the north. Road number 10 (From Turku to Lahti) also goes near the city.

By bus

Buses from Helsinki to Tampere stop at Hameenlinna.

Key places to visit
Hame Castle, Finnish Artillery Museum, Hameenlinna Art Museum, Hameenlinna Church, Vanaja Church


Places to Visit

Hame Castle

Hame Castle is one of Finland's medieval valtakunnanlinnoista. The castle museum is located in Hameenlinna Town Vanajavesi beach.Hame Castle, the exact founding date is unclear. Eerikinkronikan according to a castle was built by Earl Birger , who Lübeck kaupunginkronikan that forced the Finnish Swedish crown. This conquest is often combined with the study until 1249 . The construction of the castle's history to have his dissertation Knut Drake, the Hame Castle is the oldest building phase, however, slightly Birger jaarlia later. Archaeologist, J.-P. Taavitsaisen According to the elders of the castle are the timing of the discoveries of the 1300 early, and he believes it is possible that the castle construction began in a while. Originally, the castle is located on the island, which, however, has since grown attached to the mainland.

Finnish Artillery Museum

Finnish Artillery Museum is tykistöaselajin history and the present day focusing gunners Association hosted a special museum of the Castle Barracks in Hameenlinna . It is one of the War Museum underground aselajimuseoista . Artillery Museum located in the years 1977-1997 Kankaanpaa Niinisalo . The museum was called the Artillery Museum, until the name was changed to 1.1.2004 Finnish Artillery Museum.
The museum consists of the barracks building, erected in the exhibition, an outdoor area and the management of the cannon. Exhibited in all of Finland in World War II cannon used by the models. Barracks building, the exhibition tells the history of artillery in Finland in the very early stages of the present moment.

Hameenlinna Art Museum

Hameenlinna Art Museum was inaugurated on 22 May 1952 . It is located in Vanajavesi eastern shore, opposite the old County Hospital (the current health center), and very near the center of grid. Art Museum is an old clothing factory next to the Cultural Centre. The museum has been operating since 1983 from 15 municipalities Hame regional art museum.

Hameenlinna Church

Hameenlinna is the church of the Evangelical Lutheran Hameenlinna, Vanaja parish. The church is located in Hameenlinna, the center of the square on the eastern edge. The church has seating for 800 people and the church tower located in the chapel for 25 people.
Brick , whitewashed church building was designed by Louis Jean Desprez in 1789 , and was built between 1792 - 1798 . The church is the Gustavian Classicism tyylipuhtaimpia representatives in Finland. Originally it was a round dome-covered building that was designed to resemble the King Gustav III 's to admire the Roman Pantheon . A circular frame room diverged to the east vestry , and west of the square facing Upstairs Doric pylvaspaatyineen. Interior was designed amphitheatrically so that the altar was located in the middle of a bench, and rose in eight rows of a block slightly curved towards the exterior walls. The pulpit was placed in the sacristy above the door.

Vanaja Church

Vanaja is a gray stone church in 1490-century and at the end of 1500-century in the first decade built in gray stone church , which is located in the former municipality of Vanaja , the current Hameenlinna Town. Vanaja is Hame one of the oldest churches, and it is very likely that the site has been located in a wooden church built in the past.It is also very likely that in 1324 the bishop's manor Vanaansalon chapel has been the root of this wooden church building

Right Time to Visit

June - August