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By Air

The airport Leipzig / Halle serves as an international commercial airport for this region.It is located southeast of the Cross Hall at Schkeuditzer halfway between the two cities and has direct highway access.Through the easternmost section of the new line under construction Erfurt-Leipzig/Halle Airport was awarded a remote station that is integrated with the completion of the railway in 2015 in the ICE network.Additionally, located in the south area of the airport, two stops of the train and a freight depot at the future DHL hub.

By Train

Ludwig Wucherer made Halle an important rail hub in central Germany.In 1840 he opened the Magdeburg-Halle-Leipzig line, completing a connection between Magdeburg and Dresden.In 1841–1860, other lines to Erfurt, Kassel and Berlin followed.Since 1891 Halle has had the first large electrical inner-city tram line in the world.See also Halle (Saale) Hauptbahnhof, the main railway station.

By Road

Hall is surrounded by a three-sided ring road, part of the Central German loop, which also encloses Leipzig. The federal highway A 14 and A 9 make up the far the busiest part of the ring dar. This is also reflected in the fact that the A 9 and A throughout 14 from the exit Halle / Peiben are running three lanes. The A 14 runs from Magdeburg to Halle and Leipzig over the direction of Dresden. A 9 connects Berlin and Munich. In the course of the German Unity Transport Project-built A-38 represents the southern part of the Central German loop dar. as "Südharz highway", it forms an east-west connection between Gottingen and Halle-Leipzig. The completion of the A 143, in the part of the Saale valley west of Hall rests, through a class action led by the Nature Conservation (NABU) Hall, on 17 January 2007 was confirmed by the Federal Administrative Court.

By Bus

Public transport is in hall next to the S-Bahn from the HAVAG (1918-1951 Municipal Hall tram, from 1951 to 1990 Verkehrsbetriebe Hall) served. It operates 13 tram and 23 bus lines. Hall drove in the first commercial electric Strabenbahnen.In hall large parts of the tram network remained intact after the Second World War. Hall has an exceptionally extensive tram network, which through the development of Halle-Neustadt, the compound of the latter was extended by the central station and the connection of Krollwitz with the district heath-South after the turn.

By Ferry

The hall is for pleasure boats and pleasure boats downriver to the mouth at Barby and navigable upstream to Bad Kosen. For sports, there are boats in hall four mooring points between the 88.5 km stretch of river and 97 part boat rentals.Excursion boats run by the investor to the Giebichensteinbrücke in the city and up Wettin.The hall is regulated by five weirs in the hall with locks.

Key places to visit
Geiseltal museum, National Museum of Prehistory, Culture Island Hall, Zoologischer Garten Halle, Leipzig tower


Places to Visit

Geiseltal museum

is a geological-paleontological museum in Halle (Saale) . It is not far from the marketplace in 1531 by the former Cardinal Albrecht II of Brandenburg (1514-1545) built chapel in the north wing of the Neue Residenz housed.Presented are findings of flora and fauna from the Middle Eocene of the west hall of lying Geisel , which until 1993 as a coal mining area was exploited commercially. These include well-preserved plant remains, which may be even more chlorophyll contained, and the ancient horse Propalaeotherium , crocodiles and beetles.The Geiseltalmuseum on 23 November 1934 by John Weigelt (1890-1948), the then director of the Geological-Paleontological Institute of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg founded. Today the collection includes about 30,000 copies and is a part of the collections of the Institute of Geosciences, Martin-Luther-University.

National Museum of Prehistory

As part of the archaeological monuments in Saxony-Anhalt, it houses one of the oldest, largest and most important archaeological collections in Germany.The extensive collection of stock of more than 15 million pieces include numerous world-class discoveries, such as the famous Sky Disc of Nebra.The sky disc was on 4 July 1999 to the middle mountain near the town of Nebra is found and since 23 May 2008 in the museum's permanent exhibition. Among the many other important discoveries including the rider rock from Hornhausen and the family tombs of Eulau.

Culture Island Hall

is a building of island culture and cultural complex in Halle (Saale).It houses next to the New Theatre Hall, the puppet theater hall, the studio, the Reef Club and a library. Continue to include the dining facilities and café nt Strieses Biertunnel.The Cultural Island Hall was built between 1980 and 2002. Based on the old cinema in the German-Soviet friendship an entire neighborhood of eight buildings today to culture venue has been remodeled and expanded. It has distinguished itself by the long-standing director Peter then , who was here in the theater a place to play for his former ensemble. Director since 2005 Christopher Werner .Then in 1999 Peter received the Award of the Association of German critics for the "cultural island".

Zoologischer Garten Halle

resides in the district Giebichenstein on the 130-meter Reilsberg he is therefore often referred to as a mountain zoo. With 9 acres of total area it is one of the smaller zoos . Its construction in several layers around the mountain but the site appears much larger than it actually is.The history of the zoological garden extends to 23 Back in May 1901, when the zoo was opened with 194 animals from 96 species at that time. Since the late 80s of last century, the animal population was reduced and emphasis is now on the humane treatment of livestock husbandry. A traditional focus of the zoo lies in the attitude of mountain animals, also in the attitude of South American animals. In the 1920s and 30s originated by and by, the antelopes, the lion house, the monkey house and the cattle and the triangular tower on the top of the mountain. 1960 next to a 24-meter free-flight aviary was built.

Leipzig tower

is a freestanding tower warden , to the fortifications of the city of Halle (Saale) belonged.It was mid-15 Century, built in 1819 next to the demolished Galgtor and has a height of 44 m. From it could Galgberg (today Riebeckplatz of) overlooks the city from advancing fire hazards outside and inside the city will be warned. The original plan because of its circular base "of the round tower" structure is called from quarry stone masonry and has a lower wall thickness of 2.80 m. The diameter of the inner chamber is 3.30 m. The pointed arch entrance to the city side and the windows in the floors are Gothic in origin and well received. 1573 the tower was in the style of the Renaissance, one Gallic hood with four dormer windows and a lantern attached. Was also a movement fitted with two dials.Tower of Leipzig was the largest tower in the town hall's fortifications. He stands on the Leipziger Strasse, between the marketplace and where they station crosses the ring road (= former course of the city wall).

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