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Haiphong Municipality
Hai Phong
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By plan

Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar both service Hai Phong from Cat Bi International Airport.

By train

Several trains a day run from Long Bien station in Hanoi to the Haiphong train station in the city centre (hard seats only, 38,000 VND).

By bus

Frequent buses run from Lương Yên station in Hanoi (near the old quarter) to Tam Bạc station in the centre of Haiphong (50,000 VND). Another option is to take a bus from Gia Lâm station at the outskirts of Hanoi to either Niệm Nghia (3 km from the city centre) or Cau Rào station (approx. 6 km) in Haiphong (45,000 VND). Gia Lâm station can be reached from the Old Quarter by city bus no. 34 (3,000 VND).

Key places to visit
Trang Kenh, Do Son Beach, Cat Ba National Park, Cat Ba Island


Places to Visit

Trang Kenh     

A beautiful mountain landscape, Trang Kenh is also noted for its historical and archeological importance. The attraction belongs to Thuy Nguyen district, about 20 km from Haiphong downtown and accessible by a rented motorbike or taxi ride. Among the famous mountain peaks in Trang Kenh complex is U Bo. A myth has it that at this peak, Tran Hung Dao- one of the most famous military legends in Vietnam- commanded the naval battle against the Chinese aggressors in the 13th century and successfully protecting the sovereignty of Vietnam. From U Bo Peak, visitors can capture the entire panorama of the Bach Dang River. The silence of the river, the immensity of the sea and the resonating mythical stories, all make this a fascinating place to visit.

Do Son Beach

Do Son is one of the popular beaches among domestic tourists in the north of Vietnam, 20-km southwest of Haiphong and 105 km East of Hanoi. Do Son peninsula situated on the ancient continent, 22.5km in length along the coast from Cam river mouth to Van Uc river mouth. Do Son is often visualized as the head of a Dragon reaching toward a precious stone (Hon Dau isle), whisking its tail to go to sea that forms Bach Long Vi Islands.

Shortly after discovering Haiphong, the French colony turned Do Son into a summer resort for their expatriate community and Vietnamese upper class. Unlike Sa Pa, not many French architecture remains in Do Son. Nowadays, the beach is often packed with local tourists in the summer. After August until April of the following year, Do Son returns to its original beauty. With 2,450m of coastline filled with fine sand, shaded by thousands of sandalwood trees and surrounded by mountains and pine hills, Do Son beach seems to be an ideal beach for visitors from near to far. Interestingly, it has a suitable level of salt that protects your skin from sunburn when they swim, even at noon.

Cat Ba National Park

Situated to the North West of Cat Ba Island, Cat Ba Nation Park contributes to the rich flora and fauna collection of Vietnam. The Park covers an area of 15,200 ha, including 9,800 ha of forests with splendid grottoes. There are some 745 species of plants, including various species of rare wood trees such as Tri Ly, Lat Hoa, Lim Set, Gie Hoa, Kim Giao, white wood. Most notable is Kim Giao wood, the material to make chopsticks for the Kings. It is said that Kim Giao chopstick will show bubbles and turn itself into red when it touches poisoned food. Cat Ba National Park is also home to 20 species of mammals, 69 species of birds, 20 species of reptiles and amphibians, 11 species of frogs. Many of these animals are listed in the Red Book and under tight protection. The most notable of all is Vooc (white faced monkeys), which can only be found on Cat Ba Island. Another strange plant is Ma Tien fruit, an extremely toxic fruit. If a person eats Ma Tien he will die immediately, but the white-faced Vooc often survive on Ma Tien leaves and fruits.

Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba - the pearl island is an well-known archipelago with a spectacular array of sea and island scenery. It covers an area of 20,000 ha in the North-East of Hai Phong, making it the biggest island out of the 366 islands on the Lan Hạ Bay.  It takes about one hour by high speed hydrofoil to go to the island, or by land it is about 60 kilometres passing two ferries.

Right from the moment of setting foot on Cat Ba gangway, you will be carried away by the immense blue sky, flickering sight of mountains and fresh salty air from the ocean. This natural dose of massage is likely to relieve all the dizziness from your long trip.

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