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Saudi Arabia
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By Air

Hail Regional Airport (IATA:HAS, ICAO:OEHL) is a domestic airport located to the southeast of Hail city, which is served by NAS Airlines, and to a limited extent by Saudi Arabian Airlines.A new international airport will be constructed near Hail city, in the Prince Abdul Aziz bin Mousaed Economic City (PABMEC), as Hail has a strategic location in the Middle East because it takes only one hour by plane to reach 11 Arab capitals.

By Train

Hail has an important logistic role in northern Saudi Arabia's rail system.In 2008 Hail is the site of a concrete sleeper plant for railway construction.In the near future a railway (the north-south line) will be built extending from Riyadh to Al Hadeetha in northern Saudi Arabia through Hail as part of the expansion of the Saudi railway system railway in.

By Road

Hail is located on Saudi Arabian highway 65 and is connected to 3 main highways, Madinah, Buraydah and Jouf Highways which connect Hail with the northern borders of Saudi Arabia.

Key places to visit
Barzan palace, Hail Museum, Qishlah Fortress, Airif Fort, At-Turathy Restaurant, Assamra Mountain, Hail Desert Life Festival, Hail Rally


Places to Visit

Barzan palace

Barzan Palace was a historic palace that used to be located in Hail up until the 1920s.It was built in 1808 by prince Muhammad bin Abdul-Muhsin Al Ali over an area of more than 300,000 square meters.The Palace was completed during the rule of the 2nd Rashidi amir, Talal ibn Abdullah (1848–68).The Palace consisted of 3 floors, the first had the reception halls, gardens, and kitchens.The second had the diplomatic guests rooms.The third had the royal family rooms.It was near Barzan souq.

Hail Museum

It is the museum of the city of Hail.It is also one of the places where visitors can buy permits to see the petroglyphs near Jubbah Oasis the other place being Ateeq Naif al-Shammari's Jubbah Palace of Heritage museum just off the main street in the town of Jubbah itself.The rock carvings which are believed to date from 5500 BC are in an area that is about an hour and a half from Hail city by car. Tours to the Nadjd desert can also be organized there.

Qishlah Fortress

is an impressive sight located in the center of Hail.The current building was built in the 1940s while prince Abdul-Aziz bin Musa'ad Al Saud held office in Hail province. It is the largest traditional mud-brick fortress in Hail and is very well restored and preserved both outside and inside.It was used mostly as a barracks.It's two floors are 142.8x141.2 meters high, its walls are 8.5m high, and it has eight large watch-towers along with the wall with two main gates, eastern and western and has a large inner courtyard with old military items on exhibition.

Airif Fort

On a hill on the edge of the city is the impressive Airif (also spelled Oreif) Fort, a mud-brick (adobe) fort built over 200 years ago as a combined observation post and stronghold.There is a beautiful view of the city from the main watchtower.

At-Turathy Restaurant

is a large historical mud-brick building located in Hail center which is used as a traditional restaurant. Its appearance is half-restaurant, half-museum with a large number of local traditional items used as decorations. The atmosphere is very traditional, food is traditional and seating is on the floor.

Assamra Mountain

Is a mountain overlooking the city and is where Hatim Al Tai lit a fire on the summit to welcome guests. Today there is an asphalted road going to the top and natural gas-powered fire on the summit which is lit at night. There is a park with a lake at the bottom of the mountain and on the side of the mountain is the Saudi coat of arms (the date palm and crossed swords) made from electric lights which it is turned on at night. From the top of the mountain is a beautiful view of the city.

Hail Desert Life Festival

Is an annual festival held in the province of Hail to celebrate and exchange experiences about desert life and culture around the world.

Hail Rally

Is an important event in Hail and even in Saudi Arabia as it is the first car rally in Saudi Arabia, which started in 2006 and was approved by FIA in 2008.

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