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By plane

In addition, there are also international flights to Hong Kong on Hong Kong Ailines, Seoul on Asiana, Kuala Lumpur on AirAsia and Singapore on Tiger Airways and Jetstar.

By train

There is a train link between Haikou and Guangdong province (the trains are loaded onto ferries to cross the sea). So you can get the train from Guangzhou to Haikou. The trains actually start and finish in Sanya, but it takes about an hour by bus to get from downtown to the train station, and the train station in Sanya is also far from that city's downtown area.

By bus

Buses connect Haikou to many cities on the Chinese mainland, including Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guilin, and Nanning. Most buses are overnight sleepers. Buses are loaded on to ferries and arrive in Haikou at either Xingang port or Xiuying port. Here's a few examples showing journey duration and price.

By boat

Haikou - Haian. There are frequent daily ferries between Haikou and. Takes around 1.5 hours and costs about 35 RMB. There are bus connections from Hai'an to other cities, but the options are limited compared to Haikou, especially in the evening.

Key places to visit
Wugong Temple, Tomb of Hairui, Xiuying Battery, Haikou Shishan Crater Cluster National Geological Park, Dongjiao Coconut Plantation


Places to Visit

Wugong Temple

A Ming dynasty construction dedicated to five officials who were banished to Hainan during the Tang dynasty for criticism of the government. This is a pretty temple in a tropical setting, surrounded by ponds filled with lilies, winding bridges and exotic palm trees. The main building is the Wugong temple housing life like statues of the five officials and known as the first building of Hainan.

Tomb of Hairui

Located in the Yabin village, Xiuying district of Haikou city, Hairui Tomb is a key national cultural protection unit. Hairui, a famous official in the Ming dynasty, was born in Qiongshan and was known as "Hai Qingtian" (incorruptible official). The tomb was built in 1589 and it is said that when people was carrying Hairui's coffin, suddenly the rope broke, and then people decided that this should be the place.

Xiuying Battery

is a 19th century coastal fort near Evergreen Park. It can be visited for 10 RMB (you may have to wake up the ticket seller). As of February 2008, the exhibition hall inside the fort is closed, but you can still see the replica cannons, the underground chambers, and many banyan trees.

Haikou Shishan Crater Cluster National Geological Park

(Lies in Shishan and Yongxing Towns southwest Haikou City, close to Qiongzhou Strait, merely 15km from Haikou downtown; Take bus 24 from the city centre to XiuYing Xiao Zhan (fare Y1) and from there take the XiuYing - ShiShan minibus to the Geopark (fare Y3)). 8.30am-5.30pm. Covers 108km2. China hosts one of the few dormant volcanic clusters from the Holocene period (about 10,000 years ago).

Dongjiao Coconut Plantation

Located about twenty minute's ferry from Qinglan Harbour. There are about 500,000 various kinds of coconut trees here amongst winding footpath, small huts, sunshine and the sandy beach. Enjoy the seafood in the restaurants at the shore and try different kinds of beach and sea sports or just have a stroll along the footpath.

Right Time to Visit

January - April
October - November