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By plane

There are daily flights to Guilin Liangjiang International Airport (KWL) from major mainland cities and from Hong Kong, Bangkok(not regular), Kuala Lumpur,Osaka and Seoul. Book air ticket early as the price will increase as it approaches your traveling day. At off season, air ticket may be cheaper than train ticket(even the hard sleeper price), it worth a try to check the difference.

By train

Guilin has two train stations. Guilin station (Guilin Zhan) is in the centre of town on Zhongshan Nanlu while Guilin North station (Guilin Bei Zhan) is far away from downtown area. Most, but not all, trains which originate/terminate in Guilin go to or come from Guilin North while trains which come through Guilin from elsewhere usually only go to Guilin station and not Guilin North.

By car

There are some expressways locally and within the province, however for any long distance journey, it is a 2 lane road.

By bus

Minibuses depart when full from the square in front of the Guilin railway station. Although the signs are written in Chinese, there are always conductors yelling out "Yangshuo". As the buses pick-up and let down passengers along the way, the journey time can take anything from one to one-half hours. Express buses depart from the Guilin bus terminal off Zhongshan Nanlu, several hundred metres north of the railway station (and on the same side of the road as the station). Buses depart about every 20min from 7AM. Buy tickets from the ticket office in the bus terminal.

By boat

You can get to Guilin by cargo boat from Guangzhou via Wuzhou, but there are no passenger boats to Guilin anymore, except the boats to and from Yangshuo. You can take a cargo boat if you want to at almost no cost from Wuzhou to Yangshuo.

Key places to visit
Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill, Seven Star Park, Yaoshan Hill Park, Ocean Aquarium


Places to Visit

Reed Flute Cave

This limestone cave with impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations is worth a visit if you haven't seen such caves before. An English-speaking guide will take you around the various artificially lit formations supposedly resembling lions, monkeys, old men, the skyline of Guilin, etc. There is also a brief laser / light / music show inside the cave. You may have to wait a while for a large enough group to accumulate.

Elephant Trunk Hill

on the banks of the Li River contains a hill with a large natural arch cut into it. This resembles the trunk of an Elephant dipping into the river. This scene is frequently used as a symbol of the city and so has developed some fame.

Seven Star Park

A large park on the East side of the city and about 15-20 minutes walk from the main pedestrian area in the centre of town. Has a small zoo area on the East side farthest from the entrance with the main attraction being the giant pandas and the red pandas, additional fee to enter the zoo of, the staff host a small show with monkeys, bear, tigers and lion at scheduled hours. 

Yaoshan Hill Park

This is a large country park which encompasses the highest peak in the area. Foot paths run to the summit, however the chair lift provides an effortless way to attain the top and enjoy the scenery. There are extensive views of the surrounding area from the summit. There is a wheeled toboggan run down part of the mountain.

Ocean Aquarium

On Zhongshan Road One of the largest aquariums in Asia. This modern facility has a wide range of fish and other aquatic animals. 19th April 2011: The property is closed.

Right Time to Visit

January - March
August - October