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Sao Paulo
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By Air

Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport (IATA: GRU, ICAO: SBGR), formerly called Cumbica Airport after the district where it is located and the Air Force Base that still exists at the airport complex, is the main airport serving Sao Paulo, Brazil.It is located in the adjoining municipality of Guarulhos in Greater Sao Paulo.Since November 28, 2001 the airport is named after Andre Franco Montoro (1916-1999), former Governor of Sao Paulo.It is operated by Infraero and some of its facilities are shared with the São Paulo Air Force Base of the Brazilian Air Force.

By Bus

Currently three companies to operate the city bus system with local structural lines, which connect the center with terminals in neighborhoods (Bus Company of Guarulhos, in Lot 1 - blue; Galvao Village Bus Company, in lot 2 - Red and Roads Field of Diamonds (formerly Traffic Transguarulhense) at Lot 3 - yellow).There are also three cooperatives that make the minibus feeder lines, those that make the connection between the suburbs and terminals in the respective districts (Coopertransguaru in Lot 1 - blue; Cooperbrasil in Lot 2 - Red and Cooperlatina in lot 3 - yellow).

By Road

Av Guarulhos linking downtown to the border of Sao Paulo ( Penha ), immigrants from the Northeast through the viaduct over the River Tiete.Av Aniello Practice Via Dutra connects the center of Guarulhos.Emilio Ribas Avenue linking downtown to the Village Galvao.Dr.Timothy Barbour Avenue linking downtown to the neighborhood of Vila Galvao heading to the border of Sao Paulo (Vila Nile) and Fernao Dias highway.Monteiro Lobato Avenue linking downtown to the neighborhood of Cumbica.

Key places to visit
Father Benedict Theatre, Nelson Rodrigues Theater, Stadium Antonio Soares de Oliveira, Cantareira Park, Julio Fracalanza Park, Bosque Maia


Places to Visit

Father Benedict Theatre

is a theater of the city of Guarulhos.It was opened in 1937 as a leisure option for inmates (leprosy) of Father Benedict Sanatorium that there were forcibly taken and isolated from society.The Art Deco architecture and rich history of theater Father Benedict made one of the most important of the State of Sao Paulo.To celebrate the 447 years of Guarulhos, the City delivers to the population the new Pope Benedict Theatre - fully restored and modernized. The project, budgeted at U.S. $ 3.1 million, was made possible through a partnership with Petrobras.

Nelson Rodrigues Theater

is a theater of the city of Guarulhos, the former headquarters of Finance Galvao Francisco de Vasconcelos, who led the district of Vila Galvao.It was transformed into a theater in 80 years.The theater is also fundamental for the realization of the culture of Guarulhos, bringing pleasure to the general population that is accessible to all ages, with interactive theater to the public and many other cultural events.

Stadium Antonio Soares de Oliveira

better known as the Flamengo Stadium or "Crow's Nest," on account of the club's mascot is a football stadium in the neighborhood of Garden Tranquility in the city of Guarulhos SP owned by Municipality of Guarulhos the sports plaza currently has the capacity to 15,000 seats.At this stage, act as principals of the football teams of the AA Flemish dispute that the Series A-2 of the Paulista Championship (equivalent to second division) the AD Guarulhos playing now the series B (equivalent to the 4th division of the Paulista Championship) and Corinthians B playing in the Copa Paulista Football.

Cantareira Park

is a Conservation Unit of Integral Protection of Sao Paulo which covers part of the Serra da Cantareira, having been, as such, listed by UNESCO in 1994.It is located in the North Zone of Sao Paulo, including areas of the municipalities of Sao Paulo, Mairipora, Guarulhos and Caieiras.Since the 1990s the park is threatened by real estate speculation, due to the illegal subdivision of contiguous private areas, which facilitates the formation of slums around and even within the park area.The park is divided by districts Tremembe and Mandaqui, although apparently there is no document which accurately states that the district actually owns the park. The same goes for your neighbor, Forest Gardens of Sao Paulo.

Julio Fracalanza Park

is a green area in the city of Guarulhos in the upscale neighborhood of Augusta Village (district of Guarulhos) named after the businessman Julius Fracalanza a man who is extremely rich and famous for its large projects and ideals.

Bosque Maia

Bosque Maia is considered the heart of the city of Guarulhos is located in the neighborhood where Maia in the city.The forest reserve of Bosque Maia offers: four courts, skateboard track, trails for jogging and walking, bicycle motocross, playgrounds, exercise equipment, trails through the woods, springs, lake, tent shows, Gilmar Lopez Cultural Education Center Environmental and headquarters of the EMS (Department of the Environment) responsible for the maintenance of the Forest.Many locals who frequent the park every day for walking, jogging or take children to play are some of the reasons.The Bosque Maia is constantly reforms to better serve the different guarulhense families of all social classes, who seek the heart of the city.

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