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Sao Paulo
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By air

Arriving the airports in São Paulo (Congonhas / CGH) or (Guarulhos / GRU), packtours can arrange convenient TAXI service to Guaruja, it may take slightly more than one hour to go.

By bus

Take a taxi or the subway to Jabaquara Bus Station. There you can take a bus directly to Guarujá. Estimated travel time: 1 hour and 20 minutes. More information:

By car

From São Paulo, first it catches the Anchieta Highway (SP-160) until the city of Cubatão. There it has a bifurcation that it allows to follow for the Cônego Domenico Rangoni Highway (old Piaçagüera Highway) until Guarujá. Alternatively, it is possible to catch this bifurcation from the Highway of the Immigrants (SP-150), but it takes a little longer.

Key places to visit
Enseada, Pitangueiras, Tortugas, Acqua Mundo Theme Park, Barra Grande Fortress


Places to Visit
  • Enseada. This huge beach is the most popular and common destination for the occasional tourist. Kiosks selling coconuts, beer and great finger food can be found all over. Although crowded in the summer, it's not as crowded as Pitangueiras. It also has a rich nightlife that can make traffic chaotic during the high season.
  • Pitangueiras. One of the most popular beaches in Guarujá. Overcrowded in summer mornings, Pitangueiras can be better appreciated with a barefoot walk on its sands in a warm afternoon. Surfers are all over the beach as well as vendors, who will try to sell you anything from sweetcorn to songs. When the waves are not huge, it's also suitable for bathing.
  • Tortugas. There are tours on kayak, ski and motor launch, as well as boats and the possibility of diving. The wide strip of sand is ideal for comfortable hikes.
  • Acqua Mundo Theme Park - Avenida Miguel Stéfano, 2001 - Enseada. The biggest aquarium in South America, it has more than 700 species of aquatic animals.
  • Barra Grande Fortress - The fortress was built by the colonizers in 1584. In there we can see panels of Manabu Mabe’s. It is accessed by the Santa Cruz dos Navegantes road, or by boat, from the Ponte dos Práticos (Pilot’s Bridge).
Right Time to Visit

January - March
October - December