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Switzerland (General)
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By Train

Catch the Lauterbrunnen-bound train from the Interlaken Ost Station, and get off at Lauterbrunnen. Make sure you board the correct car, the back few cars go to Grindelwald. Eurail/Inter-rail passes are only valid for a discount on this line, so be sure you have an actual ticket before boarding the train. You can buy a ticket valid all the way to Gimmelwald, with the PostBus  and gondola fare for the second leg of the journey included.

By Bus

At Lauterbrunnen, cross the street and board the yellow PostBus heading for the Stechelberg gondola station, and get off there (alternatively, it is possible to drive and park in Stechelberg).

Key places to visit
Mountains, Hike, A glacial river along the trail


Places to Visit

Mountains!!! The huge, sheer cliff face across the valley from Gimmelwald is known as the Schwarzmönch (Black Monk).

Hike! There are tons of hiking trails leaving from Gimmelwald. Pass by Esther's Guesthouse for a guide to these trails. The views are breathtaking.

A glacial river along the trail, The main hike everyone must do at least part of the way (and catch a gondola for the rest if tired) is the one to the Schilthorn, aka Blofeld's hideout in the James Bond movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service. This trail is absolutely spectacular. Rick Steves' guide recommends that you hike down from the Schilthorn, but walking up, while more strenuous on the body and heart, is much easier on the legs and balance.

Right Time to Visit

January - March
October - December