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Garden City

Garden City
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By taxi

If you want to take the taxi to Garden City most taxi drivers will know Qasr al-Aini street. This street runs from the south of the district to Tahrir Square and through the heart of Garden City. The international hotels are located at the well known Corniche el-Nil, though if you state your destination to the taxi driver as the Four Seasons, other ritzy hotel, the driver expects you to pay more. Same goes for taking a taxi from Garden City to elsewhere. It is best to catch a taxi at some spot other than a hotel.

By Bus

From the terminus at Abdel Mon'em Riyad behind the Egyptian Museum on Tahrir Sq you can take a bus or a micro bus with the destination Qasr El Aini to Garden City.

By Metro

Stops in Garden City on the metro are Sayida Zeinab Station and Saad Zaghloul Station, both part of El Marg-Helwan line, Line 1 . Garden City is also within walking distance of Sadat Station at Tahrir Square Downtown which is an intersection of both major Metro Lines: Shubra-Giza, and El Marg-Helwan.

Key places to visit
Beit El-Sennari, Egyptian Parliament and Museum, Ethnological Museum, Fellucca tour


Places to Visit

Beit El-Sennari

Harat Monge. Built in 1794 by Ibrahim Katkhuda El-Sennari, a Sudanese occultist, Beit al-Sennari housed French artists and scholars after Napoleon arrived. The house was restored in 1995, and opened to the public in 2000. The house is home to the Institute for Applied Arts, which has glassware, pottery, and other works on display. You can also see the courtyard and open gardens, and the various sections of the house.

Egyptian Parliament and Museum

For those who take a political interest take the time to tour the Egyptian Parliament home to both the People (454 members) and the Shura Council (264 members) - this is the epicenter of the Egyptian government. There are tours offered and a museum chronicling the Egyptian government.

Ethnological Museum

Part of the Geographical Society created by Khedive Ismail in 1895, this rather neglected museum displays more modern Egyptian cultural artifacts, and examples of daily life.

Fellucca tour

Sail over the Nile in an original Egyptian ship. Felluccas are waiting in front of the Four Seasons Hotel. No reservation needed. In the summer it is recommended to sail a Fellucca late in the evening or at night because of the heat during the day. The view at night is also very spectacular. As with most things in Egypt negotiating about the price is needed. 50 LE for an hour is a reasonable price.

Right Time to Visit

January - April
September - December