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By plane

Fuzhou has air links to most other major Chinese cities. The airport is an hour from town, You can get the bus at the Apollo Hotel. There are also complimentary shuttles to the Apollo Hotel from other places such as the Min Jiang Hotel.

By bus

Direct overnight buses to/from Hong Kong, Shenzhen or Guangzhou exist, with sleeping bunks.

By train

The main Fuzhou train station is in the northeast of the city. You can reach it via or city busses, or it is cheap and quick by taxi from anywhere in central Fuzhou. There is also a new Fuzhou South station, located rather inconveniently.

Key places to visit
West Lake Park, Gu Mountain, Baiyun Mountain, Wu Mountain


Places to Visit

West Lake Park

Attractive urban lake in the center of Fuzhou. Rent paddle or electric boats and explore the lake. Walk over the arching footbridge to to the Fuzhou Science Museum, a small but nice museum featuring dinosaurs. Or, walk around the lake itself, it is surrounded by sidewalks and a boardwalk.

Gu Mountain

A Taoist temple houses nationally important archives written in monks' blood as well as superb veggie restaurant. It is a 1,900 meter climb, or a 20 minutes cable car journey to the top.

Baiyun Mountain

Less heavily trafficked than Gu Mountain. After the grueling top section, you will be rewarded by some genuinely beautiful hospitality and refreshing tea in a cave! Magic. Plus some great views over the city.

Wu Mountain

Overlooking the main square, a short walk to the hilltop which houses a pretty average temple. However, on the way up there is plenty of entertainment in the form of musicians and singers who congregate here to practice. The White Pagoda is also accessed by the same road behind Mao Tse Dong's statue and worth a look.

Right Time to Visit

January - March
October - December