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By plane

The nearest airport is Shenyang Taoxian International. It is about 30 to 40 minutes drive by road to Fushun form this airport. Shenyang Taoxian has frequent flights to destinations all over China as well as Japan, North and South Korea, Russia and other international routes.

By Car

The Shenfu Express Way connects Fushun with the nearby provincial capital, Shenyang. The journey takes about 30 minutes. From Shenyang, a number of express ways radiate out to other cities in Liaoning as well as neighbouring provinces.

By bus

Regular buses or coaches run the route between Shenyang (from Minzhu Lu, oposit the south railway station) to Fushun South railway station form 5AM till 7PM every day. They leave when full which may be as frequently as every 10 minutes.

By train

There are two train stations in Fushun - the North and the South stations. Trains run through this station from locations such as Shenyang, Beijing, Tumen and Tonghua and other cities en route between these points.

Key places to visit
Leifeng Memorial Hall , Royal Ocean World, Gao'er Mountain Park


Places to Visit

Leifeng Memorial Hall

Originally built as a museum in 1964, the building was converted to the Lei Feng Memorial Hall in 1992. The park mimics in minature, the royal tombs. It is beautifully set out. Inside the hall are modern, well presented displays in both English and Chinese. Lei Feng was born in Fushun and became famous throughout the country. His life is seen as an example of how every Chinese person should conduct themselves.

Royal Ocean World

Wanghua District (Off the Shenfu highway midway between Shenyang and Fushun cities. From Fushun take bus No.811. A taxi from Fushun city will (negotiable). Bus No.2 from Shenyang South railway station or No.3 from Shenyang North railway station on route to Fushun stop on the express way near the park.

Gao'er Mountain Park

beautiful area of mountainous park land dotted with Buddhist temples, statues and pagodas. The tall pagoda at the top of the hill dates to 1088 making it the oldest extant pagoda in China. It is 14.1 metres high with a diameter of 6.8 metres.

Right Time to Visit

January - April
October - December