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By Air

There are approximately 30 minutes by car to Aalborg Airport (by Norresundby).Aalborg Airport is currently owned by Aalborg, Jammerbugt, Rebild, Carolina, Frederikshavn and Vesthimmerlands municipalities.The then 13 municipalities in North Jutland took over the airport from the state in 1997.The current terminal building from 2001 designed by Schmidt, Hammer & Lassen.The terminal with six gates, restaurants, meeting rooms etc. was expanded in 2007 and 2010 and expanded again in 2011/2012.

By Train

The trains are daily flights to the north to Skagen and south you drive on the west runway length first west to Hjorring and then south towards Aalborg, Aarhus and Copenhagen.

By Ferry

Frederikshavn has ferry connections to Norway and Sweden several times daily.With fast ferries is only two hours journey from Gothenburg - Sweden's second largest city with half a million inhabitants.

Key places to visit
Frederikshavn Church, Asted Church, Bangsbo Fort, Bangsbo Museum, The Palm Beach, Waterworks Forest, Bangsbo Botanical Garden, Tordenskiold Festival


Places to Visit

Frederikshavn Church

is located approx.four kilometers southwest of Frederikshavn center, 109 meters above sea level.The church was built in 1200-century in Romanesque style and has no tower.The church is located on the highest place in the parish and has been influenced by shipping as a landmark.At the cemetery area located two prehistoric mounds, where a flagpole is located on one high while the church bell is located on the second high.

Asted Church

Asted church is located in Asted city, ca.8 km west of Frederikshavn.The church is the largest and most impressive of the ancient village churches in Frederikshavn.It is dedicated to St. Nicholas.The church can be seen the remains of frescoes from 1500-century and a granite which is believed to originate from the 1200-century.Asted Parish differs from the other parishes in the municipality knows that the farms are located in villages.

Bangsbo Fort

Bangsbo Fort is located immediately south of Frederikshavn and Pikkerbakken.The area is approx.80 meters above sea level and the fort cannons located in approx.60-70 meters.The fort was built by the German Wehrmacht during second World War II and was in 1944 primarily armed with four 15 cm Bofors / Krupp artillery guns from the ship Niels Juel.In 1945 took over the Navy in Denmark fort and still has over the area.In the period 1952 - 62 saw the fort's heyday as a Danish fort during the Cold War.Germans cast during second World ca.70 concrete plants in the fort.Around 1950 cast Navy additional 10 concrete plants.All installations still exist today and a number of them used by Martimt Monitoring Centre North (formerly Naval Kattegat).

Bangsbo Museum

Bangsbo Museum is located in Bangsbo forest in the southwestern part of Frederikshavn.The museum is housed in the old Bangsbo Manor which has led a turbulent life both architecturally and by ownership.Today all buildings arranged for exhibition use.The shipping department shows the unique Ellingaskib from 1163, ship models and engines and marine archeology.Charging farm north wing contains the Royal Resistance Museum which after a comprehensive new arrangement was inaugurated fourth May 2000.The half-timbered houses have a unique car collection.The main building's three wings includes urban and local history as well as commoners - and the Victorian Room, empiresal and banqueting hall which is used for special exhibitions.Furthermore viewable Northern Europe's largest collection of hair art ie.jewellery and the like made of human hair.

The Palm Beach

The Palm Beach has quickly become a magnet for tourist and locals who like to go for a swim.The Palm Beach has broken away from the norm for Danish and North European beaches.The purpose is exactly that: to challenge the conventional idea of what is possible on a Danish beach.The Palm Beach itself is about 400 meters long and 30-50 meters wide.The sand beach is child-friendly and the water is clean and clear.Sand dunes provide shelter from the wind and room for undisturbed sunbathing.A beach bar (or outdoor kitchen) is located in the middle of the beach.With some creativity you'll have the perfect setting for your own beach party.

Waterworks Forest

is more than 200 acres of land large forest area in Frederikshavn.The forest, which is about 100 years old, named after a local water company from 1884 to 1992 Frederikshavn supplied with water.The forest has designated trails and roads and is a popular recreation area for locals and tourists.The forest which stretches from Cloostarnet to Bangsbo Museum has an arboretum (tree collection) which were planted around.100 different species, usually not adapted to the Nordic climate.

Bangsbo Botanical Garden

The first true garden plan is from 1812 and the garden is presented in a Renaissance-like plant with a central axis which goes awry in the main building.The garden is divided into regular squares that presumably contained parterre or bushes in one form or another.In 1891, taking over editor John Knudsen Bangsbo and he walks aimlessly in the process of tidying up with more or less pietetefolelse to the site and its history.The aisle disappeared and slung times came around a rockery to the south and a pavilion to the north.A white wooden bridge designed by Bindesboll over the moat connecting the courtyard and the park and the little bubbling brook through the park rounded idyll around the whitewashed farmhouse.

Tordenskiold Festival

The Tordenskiold Festival is held every year on the last weekend in June in Frederikshavn.Fladstrand anno 1717 has market stalls, handicrafts, music, food and a unique atmosphere.The village of Fladstrand opens the gate of its stronghold on Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the last weekend of June.The Tordenskiold Festival is on Visit Denmark’s list of 20 outstanding Danish events.Fonden Tordenskiold is the organiser of The Tordenskiold Festival and is responsible for the construction of Tordenskiold’s Town in collaboration with the association Tordenskiold Fladstrands Soldater.

Right Time to Visit

May - October