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Amazonas - Brazil
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By plane

  • Hercílio Luz International Airport - Av. Diomício Freitas, 12 km from the city center. Connected to the city by local bus lines or taxi.

By bus

  • Terminal Rita Maria, the name of the Central Bus Station, is located at 1104 Paulo Fontes Ave., in the city center. It links Florianopolis City to the main Brazilian cities and to most of the cities in Santa Catarina state. The main bus companies operating in Florianopolis are Catarinense, Reunidas, Santo Anjo and Eucatur.

By car

  • You should use the Route BR-101 (cross Brazil from north to south), the entrance to Florianopolis will be at kilometer 206, from there read the signs and get the express route BR-282 wich leads to Florianopolis
Key places to visit
Catedral Metropolitana, Municipal Market, Hercílio Luz Bridge, Santo Antônio de Lisboa, Ribeirão da Ilha


Places to Visit
  • Catedral Metropolitana - One of the most beautiful buildings in the city, located at Praça XV de Novembro.
  • Municipal Market - Formerly used as the city market place, this market on Largo da Alfândega still holds some interesting sights.
  • Hercílio Luz Bridge - The postcard symbol of the city, inaugurated in 1926 linking the island to the mainland.
  • Santo Antônio de Lisboa. Quite nice little town, located on the calm west coast of the island. Multiple restaurants are located directly at the waterfront. Also it is nice walk along the water heading toards Sambaqui.
  • Ribeirão da Ilha - 36 kilometers from the center, this old district of Florianopolis is a testament to Azorean immigration. Its historic center, in Frequesia, has a plaza which contains the Igreja Nossa Senhora da Lapa do Ribeirão (church), and the Ethnological Museam which houses documents and relics from the region's history.
Right Time to Visit

January - March
October - December