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By air

Airports nearest to Falticeni are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

   Suceava Airport (distanced approximately 27 km)
   Chernovtsy Airport (distanced approximately 93 km)
   Iasi Airport (distanced approximately 100 km)
   Bacau Airport (distanced approximately 110 km)
   Beltsy Airport (distanced approximately 120 km)

Key places to visit
Wooden church in Falticeni, Voievozi Saints Church - Gardens of Falticeni, Roman Catholic Church in Falticeni, Great Synagogue of Falticeni


Places to Visit

Wooden church in Falticeni

Wooden church dedicated to St. George in Falticeni was built in the eighteenth century in the village Buciumeni (today district located in the north-west of the city Falticeni). It is Wonderful Grove Street no. 17, part of the monastery Buciumeni. Place of worship is surrounded by former village cemetery Buciumeni and is dedicated to St. George (April 23).Wooden Church "St. George" from Falticeni was listed historical monuments in Suceava in 2004, with classification code SW-II-mB-05535.

Voievozi Saints Church - Gardens of Falticeni

Church "St. Voievozi - Gardening" from Falticeni is an Orthodox church built in 1807 by caminar Tudorache Ciurea and his wife, Elizabeth, Tampesti village (now the Garden City district Falticeni of Suceava ). It is situated in south-western edge of town Falticeni on the road to Roman. Church gardens not included on list of historical monuments in Suceava in 2004, were considered historic.

Roman Catholic Church in Falticeni

"St. Anthony of Padua" from Falticeni is a Roman Catholic church built in 1858 in the city Falticeni of Bath County (now in Suceava County ). It is located on Liberty Street no. 2 (previously str Suceava no. 113), downtown, near the National College "Nicu Gane".The first evidence of a Roman Catholic community in Falticeni dates from a 1840 letter to Bishop Paul Sardi, apostolic visit to Moldova (1843-1848), he hopes to found a parish for the 40 Roman families Catholic.

Great Synagogue of Falticeni

Great Synagogue is a place of worship Falticeni Hebrew City Falticeni, located on Ana no. 149. It was built of wood in 1795, was rebuilt in stone and brick in 1852. Building is removed from the street alignment.Falticeni Fair was founded in 1779 during the reign of Constantine Moruzi, the first city in Romania which was founded by the Hebrew on the privileges of princes.In his monograph, historian Arthur Gorovei notes that in 1772 there lived three brothers Hebrew. The oldest evidence of Jews in the city is a tomb dating Falticeni in 1780 and located in the old Hebrew cemetery.

Right Time to Visit

September - October