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Espoo, runs through the west of Helsinki's leading highway west route , which is part of Helsinki, and Karis, between the position of the road 51 , and Turku, a leading highway 1. These and other Helsinki, main roads leading in different directions, bringing together in Ring I and Ring III , which are also part of the Espoo area, as well as Lansivayla Turuntie leader in Ring II as a whole. Espoo, runs through the northern part of the regional road 120 , which is part of Highway 2 on the old route.The beach on the track operators of commuter trains, public transport in addition to conducting several bus lines. Espoo, southern parts of many of the lines run along the West Passage to Helsinki Kamppi shopping center , the central and northern parts while Töölö through Elielinaukio . Helsinki's metro is planned to extend the existing underground railway terminal station Ruoholahti Lauttasaari through Tapiola , and from there onwards Matinkyla up so-called West Metro .

Key places to visit
Espoo Cultural Centre, Bodom Manor, Gumbolen Manor, Espoo Cathedral, Alberga Manor


Places to Visit

Espoo Cultural Centre

Espoo Cultural Centre is in Espoo Tapiola district, located in the center of culture. Espoo Cultural Centre is the main stage for the performing arts in Espoo, and it offered cultural and public services, as well as exhibitions, festivals, meetings, fairs and private events. Cultural work in Espoo Music Institute , the Espoo City Orchestra , Tapiola Sinfonietta , Tapiola, a library, Tapiola, the joint service and Espoo Adult Education Centre, among others, the Espoo City Theatre, April Jazz , Espoo Ciné , Tapiola Sinfonietta, the piano in Espoo, and the choir from Espoo produce a program of Espoo Cultural Centre.
Tapiola, Espoo Cultural Centre is located next to the tower and the Culture Square, and between the central pool. The building was designed by architect Arto Sipinen and was completed in 1989 .The building has two halls: the 300-seat theater suitable for Dragon Hall and the 800-seat concert hall on the Tapiola

Bodom Manor

Bodom's mansion in Espoo Bodom in located in the manor . History of the Manor are known since 1492 . The present main building dates back to 1793 . It has undergone a major conversion in 1885 and 1929 - 1930 .The main building has been used as a residence without interruption during its entire existence. The Master Golf Club bought Bodom Manor in the early 2000s.The manor house is now a restaurant and in summer the Master golf club restaurant

Gumbolen Manor

Gumbolen Manor is owned by the City of Espoo's mansion in Espoo , Gumbolen district. The upstairs is currently the Deputy Mayor of Espoo, the official residence and the downstairs edustustiloina. The present main building dates from the 1840s , but the mansion area of history dating back to the 1500s up to. The manor includes the shape of the garden, which the current appearance of JW Skogstrom handwriting, and dates back to 1914 .Gumbolen manor born, so that Storgård riding mode combined with two other state of the 1600s. 26 the name of the manor comprising the owners of the list of dates also originated in the 1540s. Long-term owner of the Brenner family, which controlled the manor grew and developed almost a century, YY. 1625 to 1713. Ownership of the City of Espoo Gumbolen manor was transferred in 1969.

Espoo Cathedral

Espoo Espoo Cathedral, or Old Church, Espoo, gray stone church, the old stone church in Espoo in Espoo, or the church is the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Diocese of Espoo 's Cathedral and the Espoo Cathedral parish church . The church is located in Espoo, center hill vicarage of the Church Hill in Espoo, the river shore. The medieval stone church is generally regarded as the most important historical building, Espoo and one municipality to determine the release of the "building of historic and scenic Espoo, the single most important item,". The church is dedicated to the Apostle Matthew.

Alberga Manor

Alberga Manor is Leppavaara located in the manor . It is also known as the Sugar Palace, as the current main building was built on respect, sugar boxes used in the timber. The manor is now owned by the Espoo City. The mansion can be rented for cultural events as well as banquet and meeting rooms.Alberga Manor dates back 1620-century date. The current main building was built as a summer residence in 1874 - 1876 . It was built by Toolo refinery owner consular Feodor Kiseleff and designed by the architect Franz Ludwig Calonius . In the early 1900s mansion owned Sloorit , artist Gallen-Kallela -in-law.Later, the building ended up in the manor owned by the City of Helsinki and its dissolution was designed in the 1980s due to poor maintenance. Residents of the resistance, however, poured a demolition project, and the mansion was restored and renovated in Espoo Cultural use. Repair work was completed in 1997.

Right Time to Visit

January - December