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By Air

Erfurt has an Airport and lies on two Bundesstraben (federal motorways).Bundesstrabe 4 from Ilmenau in south to Nordhausen in north and Bundesstrabe 7 from Gotha in west to Weimar in east.From 1924 to 1945 had its airport Erfurt in Erfurt-Nord on Red Mountain.The so named since 2011 Airport Erfurt-Weimar in the district Binder life in the west of town was taken for the commercial aviation operating in 1956. The largest share of passenger traffic, the charter flights, mainly to holiday destinations around the Mediterranean. Single line is a connection flight to Munich with a short-haul aircraft.However, it was after the airport expansion in the 1990s, not the capacity of 800,000 passengers per year, exploit only approximate, since no different compounds could become permanently established. After 2005, Ryanair and Air Berlin 2011 drew largely from the airport back.

By Train

Erfurt Central Station is the central railway station of Erfurt in Germany.It is an important junctions of the German railways and is served by numerous local and long-distance rail services.Immediately north of the station, is Erfurt's city center.It had approximately 12.5 million passengers in 2006, that is an average of about 34,000 per day.The station lies on the Thuringer Bahn, which connects Halle to Bebra.In order for future ICE services between Munich and Berlin to connect with the ICE services between Frankfurt/Main and Dresden changes are being to the station's tracks and platforms, the station's building are being redeveloped and a new platform bridge is being constructed.The building of the third Erfurt Hauptbahnhof began in 2002 and was originally intended to be completed in 2007.

By Bus

Besides the light rail network is also a city bus network of 24 lines, one of which (line 9) also operates in ten minute intervals in order to bind the city by train and less developed districts Johannesplatz Daberstedt.The other city bus routes as feeders, and usually much less of unincorporated villages turned to the endpoints of the light rail.In addition, eight out of the run EVAG and numerous other bus companies run by other regional bus lines that end at the bus station next to the train station.

By Road

The Federal Highway A 4 forms the southern city limits. Erfurt in Erfurt that the connection points-West and Erfurt-Erfurt-Ost Vieselbach, two of which are within the city limits. In the southwestern city of Erfurt on the A 4 cross is crossed by the A71, which leads south across Meiningen up to Schweinfurt and should result in a northerly direction to the A 38th From Erfurt Cross is already connected to the north-east Sömmerda. Furthermore, two main roads leading through the city: the B 4, which leads to Nordhausen and Ilmenau, and B 7, which connects with Gotha Erfurt and Weimar. The Erfurt road network has a length of 726 km.

By Bicycle

Erfurt lies on the Gera-cycle and the cycle path Thuringian Town Chain, connect the city with Gebesee (Unstrut bike path) to the north, Weimar (Ilm Valley Cycle Route) to the east, the Rennsteig Bicycle Trail in the south and Eisenach (Werra Cycle) in the west.In city traffic the Radanteil is around 9%.There are a total of 167.4 km cycling.However, the cycling portion of the main roads is relatively low and / or incomplete.For example, the university is not accessible via bike paths.The condition of the bike paths is not always satisfactory, often they are paved and unpaved, missing traffic lights for cyclists at intersections and the roads lead over curbs. Also, trees and parked vehicles restrict visibility in many places at one and the bike paths. Most bike paths along roads are not part of the sidewalk and the roadway, which increases the risk of accidents between pedestrians and cyclists.

Key places to visit
Erfurt Theater, Erfurt Cathedral, Erfurt City Museum, Anger museum, Merchants Bridge, Thuringian Zoo Park Erfurt, Egapark


Places to Visit

Erfurt Theater

Since 2003, the modern new built opera house is home to Theater Erfurt and its Philharmonic Orchestra.The "grand stage" section has 800 seats and the "studio stage" can hold 200 spectators.In September 2005, the opera Waiting for the Barbarians by Philip Glass premiered in the opera house.The Erfurt Theater has been source of controversy recently.In 2005 a performance of Humperdinck's opera Hansel und Gretel stirred up the local press since the performance contained suggestions of pedophilia and incest.The opera was advertised in the program with the addition "for adults only".

Erfurt Cathedral

is a 1200 year old church located on Cathedral Hill of Erfurt, in Thuringia, Germany. It is of a International Gothic style, and is also known as St Mary's Cathedral, and is located, uniquely, on a hillside.The site where the Cathedral is now situated has been the location of many other church-like abuildings in history, such as a Romanesque basilica and a hall church. Martin Luther was ordained in the cathedral in 1507.The Cathedral is house to many rare and rich furnishings and sculptures, including the tomb of the bigamous Count von Gleichen, accompanied by both of his wives, a stucco altar, a bronze candelebra of Romanesque antiquity called Wolfram, the oldest free standing cast work in Germany, and, out on the porch, several statues of the Wise and Foolish Virgins.

Erfurt City Museum

is the over 1260-year history of the city of Erfurt, including the history dar. it has worldwide headquarters in the house for cod, a three-storey Renaissance building in the old town. There, numerous exhibits, documents, papers and cards are shown, but also offer multi-media forms of representation.In the center of the entrance is a large city model. A focus on the medieval golden age of Luther - and university city, which will be presented in 2011 with a new exhibition.In the upper floors are exhibits from the 19th and 20 Th century. In the house there is also the extensive Erfurt Coin Cabinet.The city museum of Erfurt also include the Museum of New Mill, the Printing Museum Benaryspeicher, the Bartholomew tower, an air raid shelter, as well as the extension of the water village chapel.The City Museum is home to the Association for the History and Archaeology of Erfurt.

Anger museum

is located in Anger Erfurt scale, the former Electorate of Mainz Packhof in the city of Erfurt on Anger 18th It was 1886, at the initiative of citizenship and built his collection of paintings on the estate entrusted to him by Frederick the Elder Nerly on.1912, the later empire Kunstwart Edwin Redslob the museum director, after Walter Kaesbach.Its heyday in the Twenties, the museum below the long-time director Herbert Kunze.Today, the museum sponsored by the Association of the Erfurt Museum Friends Association and the Society for Arts and Crafts and has next to the picture gallery extensive graphic and arts and crafts materials as well as an extensive collection of medieval art, with works from the heyday of Erfurt's art in the second half of the 14th Century, including four altarpieces of St. Augustine's Church and sandstone sculptures from the workshop of the Master of Severin sarcophagus.Eight panel paintings, including the small plaque Christ as the Good Shepherd (to 1540/50) and the paintings Let come the child flax come to me (to 1535) and Holy Night (c. 1540), and a triptych are Cranach attributed and the Cranach workshop.

Merchants Bridge

is the oldest secular building in Erfurt and one of the most famous landmark of the city.The two-sided, enclosed bridge building with half-timbered houses north of the Alps once.The pedestrian bridge spans the wide stream, a tributary of Gera, and connects the Benedict place in the old town with few market town in the eastern extension.The bridge was built next to a ford by Gera and was part of East-West trade route Via Regia.Originally built as a wooden bridge over the Gera, it was mentioned in 1117 after being destroyed by one of the many fires the first time.The first official name of the bridge with "pons rerum venalium" is detectable for 1156. Already on the wooden bridge traders had left and the right set up Krambuden.Today there are 32 houses, mostly in the shops for crafts and antiques.Except for the houses 15, 20, 24 and 33 are all buildings owned by the city of Erfurt. The building was and is a tourist magnet is part of the tourist must.

Thuringian Zoo Park Erfurt

in the north of the state capital of Erfurt is the largest zoological garden of Thuringia.At the Rotenberg located, offers the Thuringian Zoo Park Erfurt view of the newer parts of the over 1250 years old Erfurt, Roter Berg in particular the neighboring residential area.The total area of ​​the zoo is about 63 hectares, are being used only about 48 acres of zoological.The non-usable part is a nature reserve, known as dry grass.The zoo was in 1959 founded and now comprises about 3,000 animals from 482 different species.To include the Erfurt zoo aquarium (since 2003), which is situated on the banks Nettelbeck 28a located about four kilometers away from the Red Mountain and includes 350 species.Since 2007 the aquarium via a 50,000-gallon reef tank.The Erfurt Zoo breeds many endangered species and is a partner of the Conservation Foundation.


is an Open year-round horticultural exhibition and an amusement park in Erfurt.He was inaugurated on 28 April 1961 by the first International Horticultural Exhibition of the socialist countries (IGA), which was renamed in 1991 in Erfurt Garden and Exhibition GmbH (ega) and is known since 2006 as egapark Erfurt. The best-preserved 1960s-Park in Germany is considered the "cultural monument of national importance" (Thuringian State Office for Historic Preservation and Archaeology).The grounds around the old citadel Cyriaksburg has already been used in the 1920s as a park.The current use as a garden and amusement park dates back to 1959 when an area of approximately 65 hectares, designed by the landscape architect Reinhold Lingner was the former IGA.1961 opened the first International Horticultural Exhibition of socialist countries.The Erfurt iga was primarily fair character.Today egapark of Erfurt in Erfurt garden and exhibition worn GmbH (EGA).Having been released after 1990 parts of the exhibition site, created with the Butterfly House and Victoria and a viewing platform and the Japanese Garden, new attractions for the visitors.

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