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By Air

Entebbe International Airport (IATA: EBB, ICAO: HUEN) is the principal international airport of Uganda.It is located near the town of Entebbe, on the shores of Lake Victoria, and about 35 km (21 miles) from the capital, Kampala.The main offices of the Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda are located at the airport.Entebbe Airport is a Cooperative Security Location of the United States military. [6] Entebbe airport uses the jetway boarding bridge system.The scene of that particular rescue was "the old airport", which was recently demolished except for its control tower.In late 2007, a domestic terminal was constructed at the site of the old airport, leaving the "new airport" to handle International flights exclusively.Entebbe International Airport served 720,000 International passengers in 2007.

By Bus

To get to Entebbe from the rest of Uganda will usually involve passing through Kampala.Small minibuses go to Entebbe from Kampala every 30 minutes or 1 hour.The fee is USh 2000 (1.8 USD) but for foreigners usually the driver will ask for USh 2500 (2.3 USD).The journey itself takes 45 minutes to 1 hour, much quicker when you avoid Kampala's chaotic rush hours.You can take the minibus in the minibus station near to the Kampala central market, with signs of every destination served.

By Motorcycle Taxi

Boda-boda (Motorcycle Taxi) is the easiest choice to go around.As boda-boda accidents are one of the most common medical concerns in Uganda, hiring a taxi from a trusted source (decent hotel, friend, or colleague recommendation) may be wiser.

Key places to visit
National Botanical Gardens, Jinja River, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Lake Victoria


Places to Visit

National Botanical Gardens

The National Botanical Gardens of Uganda are in located in Entebbe, Uganda.They were laid out in 1898 by the first curator A Whyte close to the shore of Lake Victoria.The gardens are divided into different zones, including a rainforest zone.This rainforest formed the backdrop to scenes from the Tarzan films featuring Johnny Weissmuller,shot in the 1940s.

Jinja River

The major attraction in Jinja is the River Nile itself and the series of grade five rapids popular for white water rafting.Explorer John Hanning Speke also visited Jinja in search of the source of the Nile.Jinja lies on one side of the Nile whilst the satellite town of Njeru is situated on the opposite bank.The Ripon Falls which Speke identified as the source of the Nile in 1862 were submerged by the Owen Falls Dam in the 1950's, making the source of the Nile a rather less interesting sight than it once was.However, the lush vegetation around Jinja does give the town a lovely tropical atmosphere.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is thought to be one of the most biologically diverse forests in Africa. It is home to more than half the world's population of mountain gorillas.On the eastern edge of the Albertine Rift Valley, the rainforest is attractively swathed over steep ridges and valleys rising up to an altitude of 2,600m.The forest used to stretch down to the Virunga Mountains on the Rwandan border but this huge tract of forest was broken up about 500 years ago when agricultural people moved into the area.

Lake Victoria

The jewel in Lake Victoria’s crown is the Ssese Archipelago, whose 84 islands some large and dotted with local fishing villages, others small and uninhabited are all well-watered and lushly forested.Mainlanders traditionally revere Ssese as the Islands of the Gods, and one specific island called Bubembe is regarded to be home to Mukasa, the spirit presiding over Lake Victoria.Ngamba is another well-known island, famed for its Chimpanzee Sanctuary.Naturally, sport fishing is a popular activity on Lake Victoria.Cruising is growing in popularity and houseboats are now appearing in greater numbers.

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