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By Air

There are few daily flights to and from Istanbul and Ankara.Opened in 1940, Elazig Airport -Antalya-Izmir-Ankara-Istanbul flights are Dusseldorf and Frankfurt.In addition the Keban Dam Lake District on the network between the towns of Tunceli and can be reached only by ferry.

By Train

The city station lies on the route of twice weekly Vangolu Ekspresi, which connects Tatvan on the Lake Van with several cities in central and western Turkey such as Kayseri, Ankara and Istanbul among others as well as calling at nearby Malatya.Elazig station is also the eastern terminus of daily Fırat Express which departs from the Mediterranean city of Adana at 8:38AM calling at Malatya around 5:50PM and finally arriving at Elazig at 7:20PM.

By Bus

From nearby Malatya, you can catch minibuses which depart from Dogu Garaji ("eastern bus stop") just off the intercity highway, northeast of city centre near a large roundabout at the end of Sivas Caddesi Street.

By Ferry

In addition, the Keban Dam Lake District on the network between the towns of Tunceli and can be reached only by ferry.There are ferries three times a day—at 7:30AM, 11AM, 3:30PM—from the harbour on the Battalgazi/Malatya side (and the return voyages from Baskil/Elazig side at 8AM, 1PM, 5PM), but as the ferries depart as soon as their vehicular capacity is full (and do not wait for their schedule), show up at least half an hour before the scheduled departure. They also accept foot passengers. Crossing the dam lake takes around 20 minutes.

Key places to visit
Harput Castle, Harput Museum, Elazig State Theatre, Caspian Lake, Harput Cave, Aga Mosque


Places to Visit

Harput Castle

Date Harput southeast of the city Elazig plain the castle in a position to dominate the Urartu period are known to have been built.The citadel of Rome, Byzantium and the Arabs are in the hands of historical documents.The castle was restored at various times.The castle is rectangular, made of two parts: internal castle and external castle.The magnificent towers are still standing.Describes the various legends about the castle. According to one report is used milk instead of water during the preparation of the mortar during construction of the castle so Harput adınında Milk Castle is said to be a fortress.

Harput Museum

The museum in Elazig and historical artifacts on display in the vicinity of Harput.Among these inscriptions and a variety of ethnographic artifacts Drinking Mound is located.(April 2003 ta is closed completely destroyed in 2008 when kapalidir Son still on the agenda.)

Elazig State Theatre

opened in December 2008 as a scene of constant touring. State Theatre 's 60th approaching the 60th year of the aim of the stage started in Malatya, Corum, and Samsun is one of the State along with the theaters theaters in the new region.24 December 2008, the Ankara State Theater play staged in the region, Bloody Nigar 'la opened the 2008-2009 season game.12 built-in theaters in the region for at least four games each month in the tour program, the State Choir in the Concert Hall and watched by two times.

Caspian Lake

near the southwest-northeast direction from the tectonic lake. Length 22 km, the width is about 5-6 km. Turkey is one of the deepest lakes.The lake, catfish and aynalısazan fished. The most common bird populations in the lake staying bataganlar and the geese are.Elazig is keen to develop the tourism in the state institutions, all the rights and the Caspian Lake. Not prevent the establishment of a protected area be established on the shore, prevented development of tourism as a requirement, are not even waste facilities.The current status of the lake was ten years ago is shockingly bad, this is because some of the facilities at the side of the lake caktıklari Elazig bureaucracy, even in large quantities for a single nail cabalamasıdır they are not wanting bribes. For the moment the fact that they are largely successful.

Harput Cave

The city's most important cave opened to tourism in the freezer Cave. Harput 4 kilometers away from the cave.Another feature of this cave is cool in summer and in winter it is warm.The Prices are older, particularly (Susnaz) people living in villages surrounding the village this caves used to store food. camel Maras: the city is located 6 kilometers away in the valley of olbe The caravans here in ancient times and loads of camels this Maraya konaklarlarmis burakarak.

Aga Mosque

Harputa collapsed the dome of the mosque is located to the left of the main road at the entrance, only the graceful minaret standing. According to the inscription Museum of Harput 1559 the network was built by the propeller in.Later the mosque has been rebuilt as a high-fidelity, and escaped alone as a minaret.

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January - May
September - December