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Kan-su Sheng
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By plane

Dunhuang Airport is 13km east of town center. Flights are available to Beijing, Lanzhou, Urumqi, and Xian.

By train

Dunhuang Train Station is about 12km outside the town to the northeast. There is also a ticket agent in town, across the street from Dunhuang Hotel, which sells tickets for most trains. Note that the train connection to Dunhuang is relatively new.

By bus

Dunhuang has two bus stations diagonally across from each other. Most frequent buses leave from the main bus station and not the long distance bus station.

    * Golmud - takes about 15 hours

Key places to visit
Mogao Caves, Sand Dunes, Huyang Forest, White Horse Pagoda


Places to Visit

Mogao Caves

English tours at 9AM, 12AM and 2PM daily. A filled with exquisite Buddhist art and manuscripts. Although the city had an early connection with Buddhism due to the passage of monks traveling the Silk Road, it was not until a monk had a vision of a thousand Buddhas above the desert at Dunhuang in 4th century that the famous caves were excavated and filled with the manuscripts and treasures.

Sand Dunes

Worth a trip. If you're not interested in seeing the lake from up close and just want to walk among the dunes just follow the fence to the right from Charlie Jongh's Dune Guesthouse. After a couple of minutes you will find an open gate and a path leading up to the dunes. From the top of the one on the left, you can see the lake.

Huyang Forest

It consist of a small forest of rare poplares (Populus Divesifolia). Some are more than 600 years old. Can give an opportunity for a walk far from town.

White Horse Pagoda

The construction of this 12 meters stuppa has been ordered by Kunarajiva, a Buddhist translator, in 384.

Right Time to Visit

January - April
October - December