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By air

The city has no airport in its territory, but it serves the airports of neighboring and nearby municipalities, thus counting:
  Gustavo Rojas Pinilla Airport, located in Tunja, 40 minutes of Duitama.
  Alberto Lleras Camargo Airport, located at (Firavitoba) Sogamoso, 20 minutes of Duitama.
  Juan Jose Rondon Airport, located in Paipa, just 5 minutes from Duitama.

By railway

The railway is used for freight transport is managed by FENOCO within the concession of railway lines in northern Colombia.

By land

Duitama for its strategic position as a port communicates terrrestre:
  South: North Central Core - Bogota-Tunja-Paipa.
  North: North Central Core - communicates with Santa Rosa de Viterbo - Bethlehem - Soata - Malaga - Pamplona - Cucuta - Venezuela.
  East: Nobsa - Tibasosa - Sogamoso - Yopal, Casanare - Arauca.
  West: Road Towers - Charala - San Gil-Bucaramanga.

Key places to visit
Religious Art Museum, Hacienda San Luis de Ucuenga, Paramo Sugarloaf, The Liberators' Square, Trinity Chapel, Bonza, Parque del Carmen and Luis A. Soler


Places to Visit

Religious Art Museum

Religious Art Museum is 6 km from the city center, vehicle access, founded in 1965 by Bishop Julio Franco Arango Obisco, collects the history of religious art indigenous to the Diocese, located in a last century house, surrounded by a beautiful landscape of regional art, has six rooms with a chapel, theater, gardens, restored and preserved. Contains collection of religious art, mustras important as the Virgin of the mestizos, gold and silver candlesticks, oil paintings, columns, altars, amagenes, carved wooden statues, coins, old weapons.

Hacienda San Luis de Ucuenga

Duitama 7 kilometers on the road to Belencito permanent public access, rural landscape of mountains, colonial building operated, suitable for hotel, has special collections of crockery, cutlery, craft sales, shuttle service ; of international significance, has 15 doubles, 9 quads, 3 suites, bar, restaurant, parking, conference rooms.

Paramo Sugarloaf

Paramo Sugarloaf at 2850 meters from there you can see the towns of Duitama, Santa Rosa de Viterbo, Paipa and Sogamoso, rural landscape mountain path on foot bridle path, average temperature from 8 to 10 ° C, we recommend visiting the mountains in summer and in the morning, walking time 6 hours.

The Liberators' Square

The Liberators' Square, site of the most important institutions of the city, as well as of the Banks. It is the most modern square of the Department, adorned with imposing buildings

Trinity Chapel

Located in the town of La Trinidad, building from the time of the Colony, dates from 1575 and is the oldest church in town.


Located 10 kilometers from Duitama. Historic Site of the Year 1630 , is in good condition, important in the campaign to liberate

Parque del Carmen and Luis A. Soler

Located west of the city, noted for its gardens, providing a ride to tourists. It is a fountain in the center, footpaths, seats, gardens and lighting.

Right Time to Visit

September - November