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By metro

The Sadat metro station is located at Midan Tahrir, right beside the Egyptian Museum. From Midan Tahrir, Downtown Cairo is readily accessible, with only a 10 minute easy walk to the centre of the district, via Talaat Harb Street. You can take the metro from the Sadat station to the rail station (Mubarak station) or to Coptic Cairo (Mar Girgis station).

By bus

The Abdel Mo'nem Riyad Coach Station a five minute walk from Tahrir Sq and behind the Egyptian Museum lies four coach stations. One is the micro-bus station, and alongside is the local bus station serving the areas of Giza, Ma'adi, Helwan, Sheikh Zayid City. The third serving the East of Cairo ie Heliopolis, Medinet Nasr, Cairo Airport, and El Rehab.

Key places to visit
Abdeen Palace Museum, Museum of Islamic Art, The Postal Museum, Egyptian Museum, Prince Said Halim's Palace


Places to Visit

Abdeen Palace Museum

Collections are showcased on the lower floors in the Silver Museum, the Arms Museum, the Royal Family Museum, and the Presidential Gifts Museum, and the Historical Documents Museum was added in 2006. The palace, designed in the 1800s by a French architect, is worth seeing including the fountain courtyard.

Museum of Islamic Art

Bab El Khalk Square, Port Said St (near Abdeen Palace). Established in 1880 under authority of Khedive Tawfiq, the museum showcases pieces from mosques, homes, and palaces in Islamic Cairo. The museum has been closed for renovations since summer 2006, and is scheduled to reopen in 2009 (at the earliest).

The Postal Museum

Al-Ataba Square (Ataba metro station exit Ataba Sq), This museum holds a plethora of historical exhibits relating to all things postal, from the history of the post system dating back to the time of the Pyramids to extensive stamp collections.

Egyptian Museum

Midan Tahrir (On the Midan Tahrir Sq opposite Tahrir Metro), A must for any visitor to Cairo. The Gold Room where King Tutankhamuns treasure is displayed is a 'must see', as is the Mummy Room. Warning, only the Gold Room and the Mummy Room are air conditioned, and you must pay an additional fee to see the Mummy Room. A brand new Egyptian Museum to replace this one is currently under construction close to the pyramids at Giza. 

Prince Said Halim's Palace

Now almost derelict and often misleadingly called the Champollion Palace, this once beautiful building is worth a look for it's beautiful architecture, baroque and classical archways. Built in 1896 by designer Antonio Lasciac from imported Italian marbles and stone. This once beautiful Palace and gardens is a reminder of the 'Glory days of Cairo' before the nationalization of President Nasser and it's eventual transformation into Al Nassareya Boys School which quickly destroyed the beautiful building which today is a temporary Art Gallery.

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January - March
October - December