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Switzerland (General)
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By train

It takes nearly 3 hours to reach Davos by train from Zurich. There are train connections from Zurich’s Hauptbahnhof (main station) to Davos every hour between 6AM and 11PM. You can check timetables and other information on the official Swiss Federal Railways website. Choose Zurich Flughafen (airport) or Zurich HB (city) as departure point and Davos Platz or Davos Dorf as destination. Many European cities can also be chosen as the departure point. Zurich-Kloten Airport has its own railway station with train connections throughout Switzerland. The round trip fare from Zurich Airport to Davos is just over CHF 175.00 (First Class) and CHF 110.00 (Second Class). Reservations are not necessary.

By bus during ski season

Buses travel from Zurich airport to Davos Dorf or Davos Platz every Saturday and return from Davos Dorf or Platz to the airport every Saturday in December through April. The trip takes approximately 2 hours, with a pickup at the train stations three times daily.

By car

It will take about 2 hours (160 kilometres/103 miles) to get to Davos by car from Zurich. From Zurich-Kloten Airport: take A51 to Zurich and look for the road signs to Chur (Expressway A), take Exit “Landquart-Davos” and follow road signs to Davos.

Key places to visit
Kirchner Museum Davos, Winter Sports Museum, Zügenschlucht, The Schatzalp, Sertigtal


Places to Visit
  • Kirchner Museum Davos, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner PlatzOpen Tuesday through Sunday. Established in honor of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, the German Expressionist painter. Opened in 1992, it is home to the world's largest collection of the artist's work. The museum building was designed by the Zürich architects Annette Gigon and Mike Guyer. It attracts great attention in architectural circles. Adults: CHF 10, Senior Citizen: CHF 8, Children and Students CHF 5, Groups (10+): CHF 8.
  • Winter Sports Museum, Promenade 43While in the winter wonderland of Davos, visit the Winter Sport Museum. This museum holds a large collection of winter sport equipment and documents donated by the Jürg Kaufmann family. The well-preserved exhibits (sleds, bobsleds, skis, skates, curling material, etc.) document the history of winter sports. Adults CHF 5, Children CHF 3.  
  • Zügenschlucht— Gaze upon a romantic gorge that has a spectacular railway line and a mining museum at the Schmelzboden at 1340 m. While you're there, explore the Geology Trail between Davos-Monstein and Wiesen.
  • Lose yourself in the The Schatzalp (1861m), an alpine botanical garden that has such stunning scenery, it inspired German author Thomas Mann to write his novel “The Magic Mountain”, published in 1924. It contains around 800 different species of plants from all over the world and is truly impressive in June and July, when flowers are in bloom.
  • Sertigtal— It's unique natural beauty and mountain scenery make for an unforgettable alpine experience. Unleash your romantic side and go for a ride by horse-drawn carriage or sledge.
Right Time to Visit

January - April
October - December