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Dakhla Oasis

Egypt (General)
Dakhla Oasis
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By plane

    * EgyptAir and domestic aviation companies operate regular flights from Cairo to Dakhla. For information call Cairo.

As of january 2011, there seems to be no more regular, civilian flight service to and from Dakhla Oasis.

By bus

Dakhla Oasis is 740 km from Cairo, 200 km from Kharga Oasis, 230 km from El Farafra, 410 km from Bahariya Oasis and 760 km from Siwa Oasis.

Key places to visit
Ethnographic Museum, Al-Qasr


Places to Visit

Ethnographic Museum

The museum follows the ground plan of a traditional Islamic house with women's quarters and public men's rooms. It contains pots, rugs, dresses, baskets and jewelry used in Islamic times and pictures showing scenes of everyday life. For admission call the Tourist Information Office.


Al Qasr means 'The Palace'  and is the centre-piece of and is designed to reflect a Sheikh’s summer residence. Approached via a tree-lined avenue, adorned with beautifully sculpted Arabian horses, Al Qasr is simply breathtaking – a tribute to age-old architectural styles of majestic elegance.

Right Time to Visit

January - April
October -