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By bus

Curitiba's Bus & Train Station (Estaçao Rodoferroviária) is a large station with 3 terminals (train terminal, interstate bus terminal and intrastate bus terminal) provides scheduled bus service from Curitiba to all over Brazil, as well as locations in Argentina, Chile and Paraguay.

By plane

Curitiba is one of the major cities of Brazil and is served by a international airport, named Aeroporto Afonso Pena, which is located in the nearby city of Sao José dos Pinhais and about 17 km (10.6 miles) from Curitiba city center. There are daily scheduled departures to São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Brasília and other major cities. It also serves flights to other Paraná State cities, such as Foz do Iguaçu, Londrina and Maringá. International destinations with scheduled flights from Curitiba are Buenos Aires (Ezeiza), Montevideo and Asunción, although other destinations may be eventually served on a non-scheduled basis.

By train

Due to the Brazilian government decision on not providing passenger train services anymore, Curitiba is no longer serviced by scheduled passenger train sevice. However, there is a touristic train route that goes to Paraná State's ocean coast, reaching its end in Paranaguá. It is definitely a worth ride for those willing to see natural and Atlantic Forrest scened, with lots of waterfalls, cliffs, peaks and historic sites. For more information see the Do section

By car

Coming from São Paulo use BR-116 South. From Florianópolis use BR-101. From Porto Alegre use BR-116 North.

Key places to visit
Botanical Garden of Curitiba, German Wood, Barigüi Park, Barreirinha Park, Chico Mendes Memorial


Places to Visit
  • Botanical Garden of Curitiba, Eng. Ostoja Roguski Street, s/n°. Opens from 6AM-9PM during summertime; and from 6AM-8PM during the rest of the year. Curitiba's trademark, created to resemble French gardens, rolls out its flower carpet to the visitors right at the entrance. The greenhouse, with a metallic structure, has botanic species that are national reference, and also a water fountain. The native forest is filled with paths for hiking. The Botanic Museum attracts researchers from all over the world. There is a space for exhibitions, library and a theater.
  • German Wood, Niccolo Paganini Street, corner with Franz Schubert – Vista Alegre (Jardim Schaffer). The Wood opens daily 6AM-8PM; the Library from 9AM-5PM; Story Time Sa,Su 2PM. Has various features to celebrate and promote the German traditions. There are 38 thousand square meters of native forest, which was part of the old farm from the Schaffer family. The replica of an old wooden church, built in 1933 at the Seminário neighborhood, with neo-gothich decorative elements, shelters a concert hall called Bach's Oratorium. Other attractions are the John and Mary path, which tells the Grimm brothers tale, a children's library, the Philosophers Tower, a wooden observatory allowing a panoramic view of the city and the Ocean Ridge, and the German Poetry Square, with a reproduction of the Casa Mila façade, a German building from the beginning of the last century, originally located in the city center.
  • Barigüi Park,BR-277 – Rodovia do Café, Km 0 – Bigorrilho. With an area of 1.4 million square meters, it is one of the biggest parks of the city and definitely the most visited. Not only the city residents and the tourists seek rest in the park. Guinea pigs, night herons, white herons, skunks, crown sparrows, song-thrushes and dozens of other native animals make Barigüi their home. Among the features available in the Park there are: barbeques, kiosks, cycle and model airplanes tracks, multi-sports courts, gym equipment, car park, restaurant, playground, Automobile Museum, Exhibition and Convention Center, Steam Train Station and the Environment Municipal Council headquarters.
  • Barreirinha Park, 6010 Anita Garibaldi Avenue – Barreirinha. Opens daily, from 6AM-6PM. The most beautiful park of the city, one can appreciate araucarias, cinnamon, bracatingas, Paraguay tea plants and other native species. The green area, serving as an important regulator of the air quality in the region, is used by students and university teachers in practical Botanic lessons. The Municipal Forest, next to the park, has a scientific and educational role – it is responsible for the research and production of vegetable species. Among its features there are woods with over 200 thousand square meters of typical vegetation, children's library, playground, rustic cabin, snack bar, barbeques and car park.
  • Gutierrez Wood / Chico Mendes Memorial / Dolls Theater, Albino Raschendorfer Street, s/n°. – Vista Alegre. Opens daily, from 6AM-6PM. implemented in the wood on the 22nd of March, 1989, the Chico Mendes Memorial pays homage to the amazonian rubber extraction leader, who was killed in Xapuri, Acre. It comprises 18 thousand square meters of green area, with paths and a natural spring, supplying 1,350 liters of mineral water hourly. It is home to the Amazônica School and the Dadá Dolls Theater.
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January - March
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