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By Bus

There is in Mauritius a few bus transport companies which serve the whole island. The two well known bus companies are NTC (National Transport Corporation) and UBS (United Bus Services). But the buses in the island are not modern buses and roads are not always so good to drive. There is also a problem in the country with the street signs which are not well indicated or sometimes does not even exist. It is a must when you come in Mauritius to take the bus at least once, it is a real experience. Some of the bus drivers think they are driving a Formula One car.

By Car

Another way of transport and more comfortable is the taxi. Taxis are found in almost every corner of the towns and cities. There is only one thing with the Mauritian Taxis is that they do not use a taxi meter even they have it in their taxis, so it is usual here before you enter a taxi to decide of the price before. In general from Flic en Flac to Port Louis a taxi will charge around Rs300. A taxi driver knows usually all the interesting places of the island; it will cost you around Rs1500 to Rs2000 for one day excursion. 

Key places to visit
Botanic Gardens, The Royal College Curepipe, Tamarind Falls, Rivière Tamarin


Places to Visit

Botanic Gardens

Curepipe Botanic Gardens in Curepipe, is the second largest botanical garden in Mauritius created in 1870, in which the initial goal was to receive several varieties of plants that could not get acclimatized in the less temperate regions of the island.

The Royal College Curepipe

The Royal College Curepipe (commonly known as RCC) is a state boys-only secondary school located in the centre of Curepipe, Mauritius. Since its inception, the RCC has produced many eminent figures, such as leaders, members of parliament, ministers, doctors, engineers, accountants, executives, lawyers, judges, businessmen and other successful professionals in Mauritius. The Royal College Curepipe has an air of ancient austerity in comparison with the new town buildings around it. This magnificent building situated in the middle of Curepipe somewhat retraces the history of its country.

Tamarind Falls

The Tamarind Falls or Tamarin Falls are a scenic attraction of southwest Mauritius. They are a series of seven cataracts located on the Rivière Tamarin, two kilometres northwest of the large lake Mare aux Vacoas.

Rivière Tamarin

Rivière Tamarin is a river in southwest Mauritius. It is the outflow of the country's largest lake, Mare aux Vacoas. From there it flows west over the cascades known as the Tamarind Falls, reaching the Indian Ocean close to the city of Tamarin. its total length is some 12 kilometres.

Right Time to Visit

October - January