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Mexico (General)
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By Plane

Viva Aerobus has started offering very cheap tickets,around $45USD,when flying from Tijuana or Monterrey,though the airport is not that close to Cuernavaca.Expect to pay around $25.00 USD for the taxi to Cuernavaca's central square.

By Bus

Several bus companies operate routes to Cuernavaca.Buses run from Mexico City's main bus stations in the North,South of the city and Airport.Bus station at the Airport is well advised and to travel to Cuernavaca you can use Pullman de Morelos.They will take you direct from the Airport to Casino de la Selva Terminal in Cuernavaca.It is also possible to catch a bus from the main toll plaza at the south of the city.Buses run on average every 20 minutes and tickets cost around $68 pesos to $135 from the Airport.Pullman de Morelos runs the most frequent routes.Buses are modern and safe and come equipped with air conditioning,toilets,and a movie during the trip.When there is no traffic the trip takes around 1 hour,2 hour from the Airport.Once within Cuernavaca,the bus will drop you off along the route wherever you like,except the one from the Airport that is non-stop,It's called Ejecutivo Dorado.

By Car

Take the Mexico-Acapulco expressway south from Mexico City for an hour and a half to two hours from the international airport.The toll road costs $85 pesos or there is a free road which is less well maintained and is primarily single-laned.

Key places to visit
Palacio de Cortes, Garden Borda, Cathedral of Cuernavaca, Teopanzolco, Ecological Chapultepec Park and the Town of San Juan Chapultepec


Places to Visit

Palacio de Cortes

Cortes Palace is a landmark located in Cuernavaca,Morelos,built during Hernan Cortes in the years immediately following the conquest of Mexico.It was his home,after living in Mexico City,where he settled the mandates given to receive the Marquis del Valle de Oaxaca.Saves a great similarity to the Alcazar de Colon in Santo Domingo,Dominican Republic,which is before this (1506).It currently houses the Museum Cuauhnahuac .

Garden Borda

The Borda Garden is a construction that built the wealthy miner Taxco Jose de la Borda as a nursing home,which also has its own church after the garden became the nursing home of Emperor Maximilian of Hapsburg and his wife Charlotte.and finally became what is now the Borda Garden Museum,which displays the flora and fauna of the city of Cuernavaca,it is noteworthy that in this room who planted the first trees of mango in New Spain.

Cathedral of Cuernavaca

Cuernavaca's Cathedral is the seat of the diocese Catholic the same name in Mexico.It is a Baroque building sixteenth century,making it one of the oldest cathedrals in the country.Originally built as a convent of the Assumption,the fifth founding Franciscan in Mexico.It was established in 1525 for the first twelve Franciscan friars who arrived in the country,with the help of a new group just arrived from Spain.


Teopanzolco is an archaeological site is located in the city of CuernavacaMorelosMexico Teopanzolco language is a word of Nahuatl which is interpreted as the old temple site.It is known that the monumental center was located on a hill formed by a lava flowthe product of volcanic activity that closed the south end of the basin of Mexico

Ecological Chapultepec Park and the Town of San Juan Chapultepec

The Old Town of San Juan Chapultepec was a little over thirty years and young people who were outside the city,but by the great urban growth that has taken the city of Cuernavaca this picturesque town became a colony over this city is Chapultepec Chapultepec Ecological Park is a park that wildlife shows across the country,in addition to several sites of interest and a large lake .

Right Time to Visit

January - April