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By Air

For travel outside the city, there is a bus station called "Terminal de Transportes" (to be replaced by a new one), the Camilo Daza International Airport (Colombia) and the San Antonio Airport (Venezuela). Eighty years ago the city had the "Railroad of Cucuta", which connected with Venezuela.

By Road

The highway to Bucaramanga (renovated in January 2007) connects Cucuta with Bogota,Medellin and Cali.The highway to Ocana connects the city with Barranquilla,Cartagena and Santa Marta;the highway to San Cristobal with Caracas.

By Bus

Cucuta is connected by national highways with Bogota (14 hours / 80,000 COP) and Caracas (16 hours / 90 VEF) in Venezuela.Buses arrive to the "Cucuta's Bus Station".

Key places to visit
Santander Park, House of Santander, Church Of San Joaquin, Greater Colombia Park


Places to Visit

Santander Park

Is the main park of the Colombian cities of Cucuta and Bucaramanga,though there are other such parks in Bogota and Neiva.The parks share a namesake with the Colombian departments Santander North and Santander, named in honor of the highly respected hero of Colombian independence, Francisco de Paula Santander, who was born in Cucuta.

House of Santander

Francisco de Paula Santander is hero of the independence of Colombia and his house is located in Villa del Rosario (A municipality member of the Metropolitan Area of Cucuta).There you can visit the Historic Church that was the principal sede of the Congress of the Great Colombia (Colombia + Panama + Venzuela + Ecuador).

Church Of San Joaquin

The church of San Joaquin is a must-see place in Curiti.It is located in the central park and is characterized by the beauty of its construction in stone.The people of Curiti (Curitenos) have professed a deep devotion to Nuestra Senora del Rosario de Chiquinquira for the favors and miracles done by that Virgin.

Greater Colombia Park

Is an historical and tourist complex located in the locality of Villa del Rosario (Cucuta.It is in the 6th km of International Highway to Venezuela.The Park houses the House of Santander, where the hero of the independence Francisco de Paula Santander lived his first 13 years; The Historic church, where the Congress of Cucuta was established and where the Constitution of Cucuta was written, also known as the Constitution of 1821, Constitution of Villa del Rosario, or Constitution of the Greater Colombia.The House of the Bagatela, which served as base for the Executive Power in 1821.The Historical tamarind, a tree where the editors of the constitution of the New Granada (then Colombia and Panama) and patriots from Venezuela rested under its shade after the exhaustive meetings.

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