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By Air

Jose Leonardo Chirino Airport is located in the city of Coro, Venezuela, is the second largest airport in the state of Falcon, is located in western Venezuela.The airport has lost its international rating to have been abandoned because it is located.The governor of Falcon state, Stella Lugo, is committed to solving the problems of the airport and help open new routes to medium term.President Hugo Chavez approved resources for more than 87 million bolivars to reactivate the airport.Work began in February 2012.

By Road

In two important Choir cross roads which connect with the rest of the country.One of these is the Core 3 which extends from Moron in the Central Region, to the headwaters of General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge in the Zulia Region, across the full extent the state of Falcon.Another is the Core 4 which connects landmark in the Paraguana peninsula with the cities of Barquisimeto and Acarigua, through the Sierra de Coro.

By Ferry

Likewise, the city has the Port of Muaco in the vicinity of La Vela de Coro, which is around 17 km.Within the town center is located Jose Leonardo Chirino Airport with flights to Caracas and the passenger terminal Polica Salas, with routes to other parts of the state of Falcon and several cities in Venezuela.

Key places to visit
Coro Cathedral, Treasure House, Harmony Theatre, Ateneo de Coro, Balcony of the Arcaya


Places to Visit

Coro Cathedral

Since the creation of theDiocese of Coro by Bull of July 21 of 1531, it instructs the lift of Cathedral of one of the temples of Coro and in 1567 the Cathedral is sacked by the Corsair Francis Drake.However, the current structure begins to lift in 1583 and is completed by the end of 17th century, making it the oldest Catholic church in Tierra Firma.

Treasure House

Mansion built in 1770 by the Talavera family and on this was born Bishop Mariano de Talavera, which famous corian that supported the cause of independence.The origin of its name is from the legend that in its land would be buried a treasure that has not yet been located.

Harmony Theatre

Joseph Esposito, architect and creator of the Lia Bermudez Art Center of Maracaibo and the Aula Magna of the University of Zulia between other buildings, was responsible for the development of this great architectural work dedicated to the expression of arts and culture, and also be the permanent home of the Symphony Orchestra of the Teatro Falcon as Harmony Choir.The current theater has an area of 5000 square meters and a capacity to accommodate about 730 spectators around.It has two large side rooms for testing Orchestras, Ballet and other functions.A restaurant, an art shop and a basement parking space to accommodate about 60 vehicles are some of the infrastructure that provides for the enjoyment of visitors.

Ateneo de Coro

Important cultural center of the capital Falcon, the Ateneo de Coro is a simple typology building with elements of colonial reminiscences.Its plan is rectangular with two inner courtyards surrounded by galleries enclosed by columns that connect to perimeter areas.Gabled roofs are tiled roofs.The main facade features a long span which houses a double wooden door leaf and a series of rectangular windows of the same material.The present site was donated by the government of Falcon to mark 50 years of the institution.

Balcony of the Arcaya

Great two-story building and topped with a wooden balcony on the second floor.It was built in the 18th century as residence to the Colina Peredo family and takes its name from the family that occupied it since the mid-19th century and which was donated to the nation.It houses thePeople Earthenware Museum.

Right Time to Visit

March - June
October - December