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Greater Concepcion
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Concepcion is a city in Chile, capital of Concepcion Province and of the Biobio Region or Region VIII. Greater Concepcion (Gran Concepcion,including Talcahuano,San Pedro de la Paz,Hualpen, Chiguayante,Penco,Tome,Lota,Coronel,Hualqui and Concepcion) is the second-largest conurbation in the country, with 889,725 inhabitants (2002 census).Individually,it is the 11th largest commune in the country,with a population of 212,003.

As of 2010 Concepcion is the second largest city of Chile.The Universidad de Concepcion,founded in 1919, became the first private university in Chile.The neighboring harbor of Talcahuano is the site of the largest naval base in Chile.On February 27, 2010, an 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck the city of Concepcion,killing more than 521 people and injuring thousands nationwide.Following the earthquake,geologists relying on global positioning satellite (GPS) data concluded that the city had been displaced roughly 3 meters (10 feet) to the west as a result of the event.Fortunately, the city avoided the tsunami that followed the earthquake.

After the 2010 Chile earthquake,a prison riot began in Concepcion's El Manzano prison following a failed escape attempt by the internees.Different parts of the prison were set on fire and the riot was controlled only after the guards shot into the air and received help from military units.As of 5 March 2010, a Peruvian field hospital has been deployed to the city.

To an outsider, there may be confusion between the demonyms of the inhabitants of Concepcion and the nearby city of Penco.Due to the previous location of Concepcion being where Penco currently stands,inhabitants of Concepcion are called penquistas while inhabitants of Penco are known as pencones.

How to Reach

By Train

There are trains that link Santiago and Concepcion.The trip takes 4:30 h to Chillan.There is a change to bus (included in the ticket price) that takes you to Concepcion.Service is currently unavailable.

By Bus

You can take buses every half an hour from Santiago from 5000 pesos. Buses are the fastest form of public transport in Chile. Unlike europe, train services are scarse and the journey take 2-3 times longer than bus. There are at least two non-stop express services that connect Santiago and Concepcion, EME Bus and PullmanTur (do not confuse with PullmanBus) they take no more than 5 Hours. Fares can vary from 4000 CLP (8 USD aprox) to 12000 CLP (24 USD aprox). it depends on the season and day of the week.

By Car

The famous "Carretera Panamericana", also called "Ruta 5 Sur", there is a very good route from Santiago, meeting international standards for the most part. Drive south from Santiago to near Chillan city (approx 5 hours), then take the "Ruta del Itata" to west for about an hour.

Key places to visit
The Huascar, Biobio River, Plaza de Armas, University of Concepcion, Museo Hualpen, Andes Tower, Chivilingo, Galerias


Places to Visit

The Huascar

At the naval base in Talcahuano, the Huascar is a ship that was captured from the Peruvian navy in a war in the late 1800's.It is a symbol of Chilean national pride and is the oldest floating historical relic in the world.Visit the museum to learn more.

Biobio River

Is the second largest river in Chile.It originates from Icalma and Galletue lakes in the Andes and flows 380 km to the Gulf of Arauco on the Pacific Ocean.The major tributaries of the river are the Malleco and the Laja.The river is Chile's second-longest river (the longest being Loa River) and Biobio basin is Chile's third largest watershed,after Loa and Baker basins.The river is also the widest river in Chile,with an average width of 1 km.In the Metropolitan area of Concepcion, the river is crossed by four bridges Biobio Railroad Bridge (1889), Biobio Bridge (1942), Juan Pablo II Bridge (1973) and Llacolen Bridge (2000).

Plaza de Armas

Is the name for the main square in many Latin American cities.In Mexico this space is known as El Zocalo,and in Central America as Parque Central (Central Park).While some large cities have both a Plaza de Armas and a Plaza Mayor,in most cities those are two names for the same place.

University of Concepcion

Also known for its acronym Udec,is one of the most prestigious universities in Chile.It is the third oldest university in the country,and it is part of the Council of Rectors.It was the first University founded in the South of Chile,and the first to become a private-law corporation.In addition,it belongs to the Southern Cross University Network.

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