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Colonia del Sacramento

Departamento de Colonia
Colonia del Sacramento
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By Air

The city is served by Laguna de los Patos International Airport located 17km from Colonia along route 1.Former operators at Colonia Airport were ARCO, Aero Uruguay and LAPA flying between Colonia and Buenos Aires-Aeroparque.Presently the airport is dedicated to general aviation.There is also a local airport which can receive light aircraft.There is a project in planning to lengthen the runway and recommence flights to Buenos Aires (this was done in the past)and other cities within Uruguay.

By Ferry

Colonia del Sacramento is served by three ferry boat lines from Buenos Aires, Argentina: "Buquebus", "Seacat Colonia" and "Colonia Express".

By Road

Two principal highways terminate at Colonia: Highway No. 1 connects Colonia to Montevideo and points east; Highway  No. 21 connects to points north, including the Aarón de Anchorena National Park, 30 kms distant and Fray Bentos.

Key places to visit
Plaza de toros Real de San Carlos, San Gabriel Island, Farallon Island, House of Dr. Alberto Boerger, Cologne Zone


Places to Visit

Plaza de toros Real de San Carlos

is a bull ring in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.It is currently a derelict building that is crumbling down.It is forbidden for safety reasons to access the bull ring.When in operation it could host 10,000 spectators.It is designed in typically Moorish style.It officially opened on January 9, 1910 Featuring the most famous Bullfighters of the time, Ricardo Torres and his brother Manuel from Spain.Although originally scheduled to open for January 8.The opening was postponed as the owners feared they did not have the necessary comfort and service required for the event.Due to public uproar, mainly from Buenos Aires, they yielded to public demand and opened the following day to no less than 7,000 spectators.

San Gabriel Island

is a small island in the Rio de la Plata, part of Uruguay.About 3 miles from San Pedro tip, near Colonia del Sacramento.It has an area of 24 hectares.It is a low island covered with trees.On his side a small concrete pier that allows boats to anchor in the vicinity of up to 1.5 m deep.The island, located in the current department of Colonia was used as an anchorage until it was founded Colonia del Sacramento in 1680 by MC Manuel Lobo of the Kingdom of Portugal.On December 28th of 1995, San Gabriel Island was declared a National Park under Law 15939.In January 2006 it was declared a historical monument, along with the nearby Farallon Island.

Farallon Island

Farallon Island is an island located in the Rio de la Plata in Colonia, Uruguay.Its coordinates near Colonia del Sacramento.It is a small island cliff with a height of 4 m and tree cover.It is surrounded by rocks, except in the area between the N and W, some of them emerge, so why should not navigate a mile from shore.This island is installed Farallon Island Lighthouse dating from August 1876 and since 1928 has a machinery that allows it to work automatically with the entrance of the sun leaving work at the exit.If the blanket, which produce an excellent light source burned up replenish themselves through an ingenious mechanism.The structure is circular tower-shaped building at the foot masonry and painted white.Has a dome with radial stripes red and white.In January 2006 it was declared a historical monument along with neighboring San Gabriel Island.

House of Dr. Alberto Boerger

Uruguayan National Historic Landmark, is located in the town of La Estanzuela, located at kilometer 11 of Route 50.Where there is a small museum of agricultural research as a way to remember the great contributions made by Dr. Alberto Boerger.Whose scientific advances since its establishment in 1914 the Estanzuela, helped enormously with the development of agriculture in the region of Rio de la Plata.Situation found by the yields of wheat produced in the Estanzuela in this period.

Cologne Zone

Colonia Free Zone is a zone located in the city of Colonia del Sacramento, in the department of Colonia, Uruguay.Is set on the River Plate and 600 m from the Port of Cologne.It was created in 1923 by the Uruguayan State.In 1994 its operation was privatized.In an area that occupies 22 has, stand 13 is constructed for deposits, where you can find the widest range of services.Its infrastructure is designed to meet the requirements of the various types of marketing and industry, achieving considerable reductions in operating costs and hence prices.he current operator, Grupo Continental SA Zona Franca has relocated and defined the services and products.

Right Time to Visit

June - August