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By car

Collingwood is easily accessed by taking Highway 400 North to Barrie and following Highway 26 West for about an hour directly into Collingwood. There are also other routes that avoid having to drive through Barrie and also more direct routes from Toronto's west end.

By bus

Bus service is available from Toronto to downtown Collingwood, but the ride can take 3 hours or more since many stops are made along the way. The estimated travel time from Toronto Greyhound to Collingwood is about 7 1/2 hrs.

Key places to visit
Historic Downtown Collingwood, Collingwood Harbour, The Museum Collingwood, St. Mary's Church, The Gayety Theatre


Places to Visit

Historic Downtown Collingwood

is a great place to go for a stroll in the summer and have breakfast or lunch at one of the many outdoor patios available.

Collingwood Harbour

was a major shipping port in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Most of the shipping traffic from the west ported in Collingwood where cargo was loaded onto trains and transported to Toronto. It was also a major site for manufacturing of ships up until the late 20th century. Since the demise of the shipping industry in Collingwood, the harbour has been turned into a great park and the original grain elevators are still standing.

The Museum Collingwood

in Collingwood is located just south of the harbour and documents much of Collingwood's history including the settlement of the area and the importance of the shipping industry.

St. Mary's Church

was built in 1858 and recently celebrated its 150th anniversary.

The Gayety Theatre

An old style theatre located in downtown Collingwood. A variety of plays, comedy acts, and musical performances are held at the theatre year round by Theatre Collingwood.

Right Time to Visit

January - April
October - December