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Coffs Harbour

New South Wales
Coffs Harbour
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By car

Coffs Harbour is a 530 km drive north of Sydney and 350 km south of Brisbane on the Pacific Highway. As always on the Pacific Highway, take care. The road quality varies dramatically, and the only way to deal with holiday traffic is patience. The new licence requirements for teenagers to drive 120 hours at 80km/h before getting their licence, has made every second car on the way from Sydney to Coffs over summer a learner driver with the family car.

By train

After years financial neglect, line closures and discount airfares, Coffs Harbour (probably along with Dubbo) remains one of the few places in country New South Wales where the train still offers a reasonable service and a competitive price.

By bus

All the coaches travelling the route between Sydney and Brisbane make a stop in Coffs.

By plane

The airport is usually referred to by airlines as Coffs Coast and is located about a five minute drive outside the town. There is bus that runs into town from the airport. The service is operated by Sawtell coaches. Please refer to their website for timetable and fares. Taxis can also be hailed to the city centre

Key places to visit
Big Banana, The Big Banana Complex, Pet Porpoise Pool, Butterfly House, Muttonbird Island


Places to Visit

Big Banana

right on Pacific Highway, just north of town. Yes, it is kitsch. Yes, it is a pure tourism. Yes, it has overpriced food and tacky souvenirs But this is Australia's original "Big Thing", over 40 years old, and you have to get your photo taken in front of it, as generations of Australians have done before you. While you are there, you can eat banana bread, banana cake, and choc-dipped bananas, while sipping on your banana smoothie.

The Big Banana Complex

adjacent to the fruit, there are fun rides, ice skating, and a real snow slope (indoor). Take a tour of the real bananas as well.

Pet Porpoise Pool

Open 9am - 4pm every day,. The pet porpoise pool is another Coffs institution, operating on the site for 40 years. The setup here is more informal (and smaller) that the Seaworld type operation further north. You can get close to dolphins and seals.

Butterfly House

A indoor rainforest with lots of butterflies. It is one of those places where you walk amoungt them and they land on you if they feel like it. Good spot ot take photos. There is maze and a cafe here as well. It is a typical Australian maze, which means that a person of normal ability and kids can successfully complete it.

Muttonbird Island

Muttonbird Island is a penisula extending out from the marina area. It is completely treeless, but is a nesting site for the migratory birds call wedge-tailed shearwaters, or muttonbirds. Birds complete their courtship in November and the eggs hatch towards the end of summer.

Right Time to Visit

January - April
October - December