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By Air

Narita International Airport and Tokyo International Airport are the closest major airports.

By Train

The Chiba Urban Monorail runs through Chiba City.The major intercity railway stations are Chiba Station, (Sobu Line, Sotobo Line, Uchibo Line, Sobu Main Line, Narita Line, transfer for Chiba Urban Monorail), Keisei Chiba Station (Keisei Chiba Line), and Soga Station, (Keiyo Line, Sotobo Line, Uchibo Line) all in Choo-ku.

By Bus

Airport Limousine buses link Chiba to Haneda and Narita Airports.

Key places to visit
Chiba Port Tower, Chiba Castle, Blue Leaf Forest Park, Mitsui Outlet Shopping Mall, Costco


Places to Visit

Chiba Port Tower

10 minutes on foot from monorail and Keiyo line Chiba Minato station.Towers like this are a fixture of any self-respecting Japanese city, and here the observation deck (112m) offers views of the surrounding industrial wastelands and container docks, at least for a kilometer or two until they fade off in the smog.There is also a curious display of stuffed fish mounted on sticks in a simulated ocean environment downstairs; the simulation is needed since heavily polluted Chiba Bay hasn't sustained anything above seaweed for quite a while. Entry ¥410, open daily from 9 AM to 7 PM (or 9 PM in summer).

Chiba Castle

A recent reconstruction, but it does look quite cool- just try to ignore the flourescent tubes inside.It's about 5-10 minutes walk from the Kenchomae Chiba Urban Monorail staion.

Blue Leaf Forest Park

Nothing too spectacular, but during the Sakura (Cherry blossom) season a nice place to get away from the concrete jungle.10mins walk from the Keisei Chiba line station Chibadera.

Mitsui Outlet Shopping Mall

Located close to the Kaihin-makuhari Station, there are lots of shops including such major brands as Coach, Edwin, Nike, and so on.During special events or holiday seasons like Christmas the sales draw large crowds.For people who want to enjoy shopping with their pets, some shops have special areas that pets can enjoy.


In Japan, there are few Costcos, and one of them is in Makuhari.This way of displaying items is uncommon in Japan, so many people are interested in it and go there.Entering the building can be done without a membership card if entering at a busy time the only time memberships are absolutely checked for is at the cash register.For some Japanese, the items are too big or too much, so people like to divide the items with others.To get there,you can take bus from Kaihin-makuhari or Shin-Narashino Station.It costs 100 yen and takes 5 minutes.

Right Time to Visit

October - December
March - August