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Celaya Airport

The Captain Rogelio Castillo National Airport or Celaya Airport (IATA: CYW, ICAO: MMCY) is an airport ocated in Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico. It is the company responsible for managing air traffic in the city of Celaya and the area of Bajio mainly, while domestic flights receive general aviation , is located 15 minutes from downtown. It is operated by "Celaya Airport Board," a private corporation with a grant authorized by the city municipality to perform relevant work. Its runway measures 1900 meters long.

Key places to visit
Church of St. Augustine, Temple of the Virgin of Carmen, Convent and Temple of San Francisco, Water Ball, Museum of Celaya


Places to Visit

Church of St. Augustine

The church of San Agustín, dates from 1609, notable for its Moorish decor reminiscent plateresca unique and distinctive, built by the Augustinian friars who first came to town in the seventeenth century.

Temple of the Virgin of Carmen

The church of the Virgen del Carmen, built from 1802 to 1807. Tresguerras had been assigned as the only architect in the work, because the old temple had been destroyed in a fire during the afternoon of July 16th of 1802 . It began to rebuild from this year, finally premiering October 13 of 1803 . Billed as the majestic crowning work of Eduardo Tresguerras , which develops not only the glories of the design but also their ability to express sculptor and painter . Hence his nickname became the "Mexican Miguel Angel" because of its global enhancement works and the egg-shaped dome, similar to that of Michelangelo Buonarroti .

Convent and Temple of San Francisco

Inside the temple you can appreciate the style baroque facade type and neoclassical , the building dates from 1683, is also worth mentioning that one of the largest in Mexico. At the time of the Mexican Revolution , had the use of barracks . Also hosted a college in his convent .

Water Ball

The water ball is the icon of the city and the main monument of the city. From 1908 to today, is in place to distribute water to much of downtown.She is currently unique in the world of its kind in having a spherical shape.

Museum of Celaya

This museum opened its doors on April 15, 2010, with eight rooms and nine themes, ranging from pre-Hispanic past, the establishment as a town through the heraldic coat of arms, and the contributions of their neighborhoods popular culture, among other topics.

Right Time to Visit

March - June