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By Air

Adalberto Mendes da Silva Airport (IATA: CAC, ICAO: SBCA) is the airport serving Cascavel, Brazil.It is operated by CETTRANS, the semi-independent Transportation Authority of Cascavel, indirectly related to the Municipality of Cascavel and under the supervision of Aeroportos do Parana (SETR).The airport was inaugurated on November 12, 1977 and it is presently dedicated to general aviation.Currently no scheduled flights operate at this airport.The airport is located 8 km (5 mi) southwest from downtown Cascavel.

By Train

Ferroeste - Western Parana Railway, which connects to the Cascavel Guarapuava and from there to Paranagua.There are plans to expand the railway line to Foz do Iguacu and Guaira, Parana and also for the Mato Grosso do Sul.

By Road

Known in its early days as a crossroads, to be located at a road junction, Cascavel ensured its development by strategic geographical position and be a conduit for various destinations as the states of Santa Catarina, Sao Paulo, Mato Grosso do Sul, ports coast and still the Paraguay and Argentina.

Key places to visit
Cathedral of Cascavel, Environmental Park Cascavel, Gilberto Mayer cultural center, International Speedway Cascavel, Joslin Park Tarquinio Saints, Joffre Wilson Square, Industrial and Agricultural Exhibition Cascavel, Feast of the Colonies


Places to Visit

Cathedral of Cascavel

is a temple Catholic and seat of the Archdiocese of Cascavel, State of Brazil's Parana.On June 10, 1952 the parish was established Our Lady of Aparecida, which became the official patron of the municipality by law 201/62.The construction of the temple, strategically located between Brazil Avenue and Rio Grande Street, began in the year 1974, after transport solemn sacred image, to be the Mother Church of the city.His project was signed by the architect Gustavo Gama Monteiro, the main feature of the roof slab pleated with 18 buds on 18 reinforced concrete columns, forming a range that represents the robe and crown of Our Lady.The altar has a wall as background gold plated, with sculpture of the Last Supper.Inside are works by the sculptor Cascavel Dirceu Rosa, as well as the monument in honor of Our Lady Aparecida built in the cathedral square, supported by a pedestal formed by the set of two hands in a position to offer.On May 5, 1978 created the Diocese of Cascavel, thus transforming the parish church into a cathedral. On October 16, 1979 was elevated to the Archdiocese.The first bishop and archbishop was the priest Don Armando Candle.

Environmental Park Cascavel

is a conservation area located in the city of Parana of Cascavel.Considered the largest urban nature reserve in southern Brazil, with about 112 hectares, half of which covered with native vegetation.Baptized as Paul Gorski Ecological Park, its creation was in 1988 when some points have been integrated conservation and recreation, for the environment.The biggest attraction of the park, Lake City is formed by a water depth of 38 hectares, surrounded by a walking track.In its course of more than 6 km - most of the native forest - the visitor encounters species of wildlife site.Its construction took place in the early 1980.The site is the meeting point of the population and doing sports, like canoeing.In 2010 was completed a dredging process.Danilo Galafassi called Park, the Municipal Zoo Cascavel occupies an area of 18 hectares. Opened in 1976, was the first step of the current Environmental Park Cascavel.Its creation was intended to preserve the headwaters of Cascavel River, the main source of water in the city through the conservation of pines and other trees native to the site.The zoo is open from Tuesday to Sunday and is not charged admission.Located inside the zoo, the Natural History Museum contains a collection of stuffed animals, and samples of rocks, wood, bones and fossils.Works on site Environmental Education Center Blue Magpie, with an auditorium for lectures and classes.

Gilberto Mayer cultural center

is a public space in the city of Parana of Cascavel.Built and managed by the Municipality of Cascavel, is aimed at cultural events.It has an auditorium, called Cine Coliseum Theatre with 408 seats and four exhibition halls.It also houses the Historical Museum Celso Formighieri Sperança and the Museum of Image and Sound - MIS.Gilberto Mayer was a prominent businessman and politician in the municipality of Cascavel, elected alderman in the management 1964-1968.He died in the city in 1980.

International Speedway Cascavel

is a complex automotive Brazil, located in the city of Parana of Cascavel.Its track is high speed, paved path and 3,032 meters.The first racing events were held on city streets in the 1960s, with amateur character, by local residents, which led the pioneers to build an appropriate location for the events. In 1970 the Automobile Club of Cascavel racecourse built with dirt track. In 1973 it was paved, making it the fifth of Brazil's interior and the first paved.It's the main house competitions nationwide. It was there that started the Formula Truck and even hosted the 2001 Stock Car.He was baptized as Zilmar Beux International Speedway, in honor of its main proponent.Over the years few investments were made on site, which eventually withdrew from the race track official calendar of the main competitions in the country. But still hosting major events and motorcycle racing. It is also a great fighter pilots, who work in various automotive categories in Brazil and abroad.Announced in September 2011, the revitalization of the race track provides for the exchange of the local section of the main straight and pits, now facing the highway, so after the first curve, lane width increased from 9 to 12 meters, total floor resurfacing, building structure and fixed bleachers for the public, such as new toilets, camping area, barbecue grills, new access and new tunnel entrance.Reform measures introduced, the site will be able to again host major competitions in Brazil and South America.

Joslin Park Tarquinio Saints

is an urban environmental preservation area, located in Parana the Cascavel.Created and maintained by the municipal government, was inaugurated in 1992.With an area of 77,600 m2 of native forest, with sources of drinking water and streams, has hiking trails, benches, a pond and barbecue grills.Tarquinio Joslin dos Santos was a prominent figure in the city of Cascavel.First pharmacist of the incipient town, became a familiar figure and admired, which is why he was invited to run for mayor in an election he lost by one vote.Born in 1900, died on March 3 of 1979.

Joffre Wilson Square

is a public space of the city of Parana in Cascavel, located between the streets on September 7, Rio Grande do Sul and São Paulo Castro Alves, in the central area of the municipality.Inaugurated on November 14 of 1967, the day the city celebrated 15 years of emancipation, the square has undergone several renovations, most recently in 2008.Once had a small zoo, then transferred to the Lake Complex.It has sports courts, sand court, espiribol, badminton, gym for 3rd age, playground, benches, restrooms and a panel of 22m2 with artistic techniques Etruscan.First medical Cascavel, Wilson Joffre Soares dos Santos was also an entrepreneur who fought for better conditions for the community.He founded the first newspaper and the first hospital in the city, Our Lady of Aparecida, which ran until the late 1970s.He died of cancer on December 24th of 1966.In his honor was also named a school in the city.

Industrial and Agricultural Exhibition Cascavel

is a fair city of Parana in Cascavel, which occurs every November.The event sponsored by the Rural Society of Western Parana, targeting the sectors of agribusiness, industry and trade is held in the Exhibition Celso Garcia Cid.Bring attractions as exhibitions of machinery and animals, production technology, rodeos, art shows, amusement park, food among others.The biggest celebration of the city takes place 11-20 November at the Exhibition of Cascavel.10 days will be honored for not only the power of agribusiness, but also the best attractions with varied cuisine, shows, auctions, rodeos and more. And for this edition, a new feature is the 1st of Orchestra viola.

Feast of the Colonies

The Feast of the Colonies is a gastronomic and cultural event that occurs annually in October in the city of Parana of Cascavel.The first edition was in 1993 when the Cultural Assistance Center and the Archdiocese of the city created the party that becomes charity, to celebrate the amalgamation of the races that make up the community Cascavel.We present variety of cultural events and ethnic foods.Currently the festival is sponsored by the Archdiocese of Cascavel, in partnership with the Municipality, the square of the Cathedral of Our Lady Aparecida.

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