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By air

  Sibiu Airport (distanced approximately 110 km)
  Bucuresti Airport (distanced approximately 110 km)
  Craiova Airport (distanced approximately 110 km)
  Bucharest Baneasa Airport (distanced approximately 110 km)
  Rousse Airport (distanced approximately 160 km)

By waterways

Avre geographical position is situated 40 km from the port river ship

By road

The city is intersected by DN6 Caracal (Bucharest - Craiova - Timisoara, E70) with highways Ship - Ramnicu Valcea - Sibiu (DN54, DN64). At the same time benefits from a railway hub with rail road completed.
The city is at the following distances from:
Bucharest - 174 km
Craiova - 51 km
Constanta - 402 km
Timisoara - 410 km
Slatina - 43 km
Brasov - 230 km

Key places to visit
Poroineanu Constantine, Polyvalent Hall, Stadium Park, Romanatiului Museum


Places to Visit

Poroineanu Constantine

Park Poroineanu Constantine is one of the most beautiful natural parks in Romania, being recognized in Europe as the third natural park in size. Poroineanu name was chosen in memory of Constantine Poroineanu who donated his entire fortune city land. Park is developed as projects requiring original architects Pinard Redont and reclamation works and sewerage smâlcurilor underground land. Currently has several restaurants on the lake terraces, islands, and places of entertainment. In this park can be found numeraoase native species of plants and trees, and exotic species naturalized in Romania.

Polyvalent Hall

Polyvalent Hall was originally built to serve as a high school gym theoretical "Michael the Brave", later, modern room Polyvalent Hall was purchased by Caracal. Every week there are various competitions organized sports - handball, football, skandenberg contests and not only the most modern multipurpose hall of the Olt County. It is built between the office of prime minister Adrian Nastase and the project was included in 400 gyms for Romania.

Stadium Park

Stadium Park is considered one of the main sights made by the mayor of Caracal. Arena hosted meciuriile Craiova University, and the Romanian national youth games and is a major factor in creating a good image of the city flag of Oltenia. Stadium includes modern facilities, including mention of the over 8500 seats, and a European official stand. Weekly, here FC Caracal (League III) have argued meciuriile Personal.

Romanatiului Museum

Romanatiului Museum was founded in 1949 in building the family belonged to Black Street Jienilor user. A. Reinstated in 1990, today is located at No.24 Jianu Iancu Street, the home of John N. Dorbrudeanu, grandson of John Jianu. It houses the priceless values, history testimonies of expressing this quality lands discovered, collected, preserved and professionalism exhibited by the team of historians working in this cultural institution.

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