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Rio Grande do Sul
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By Air

The Canoas Air Base or BACO Canoas Airport is a base of the Brazilian Air Force in the city of Canoas, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.It has two runways: the main (12/30) signaled, the 2750m paved.The second (12L/30R) is emergency lane normally used as taxiway (on the main runway to the hangars and other facilities of the Base) has the same length but smaller width.

By Train

There are six stations of the subway in Canoas, distributed by Trensurb : Niteroi / UniRitter, Fatima, Canoe / LaSalle, Old Mathias, St. Louis / Ulbra and Petrobras.To escape the traffic jams that occur in the city and especially to move more quickly to the center of the capital, Porto Alegre, the population canoense usually use the subway.The problem of using these trains in the city is that, at certain times of day, they are very full. Canoes and has long been known to be considered a dormitory town of Porto Alegre.That is early morning many workers who live in nearby towns Canoes and moving to the capital, further crowding the trains in order Sapucaia - Porto Alegre, while in the late afternoon are the trains coming in the Porto Alegre- Sapucaia that are full.

By Bus

The Bus Station is located at Canoe the BR-116 on Seventh Street People and runs from Monday to Sunday.He is currently little used, because not all intercity buses pass through it and when they are just a few specific times like once in the morning and once in the afternoon.So much of the population and nearby regions canoense just prefer to use the road from Porto Alegre, getting there by subway.

Key places to visit
Canoes Cultural Foundation, ULBRA Technology Museum, Park Getulio Vargas, Heron Island, Martin Luther Library


Places to Visit

Canoes Cultural Foundation

The Cultural Foundation of Canoas, created in November 20 of 1984, is a cultural center that carries out activities in the areas of Literature, Arts, Theater, Folklore, Music and Dance among others.It is headquartered in a former train station Canoes which is in the center of town along the line of Trensurb.

ULBRA Technology Museum

was a museum of Brazil, located in Canoas, in Rio Grande do Sul.Built at Ulbra in an area of 9,346 m2, the Museum of Technology was designed to be the largest of its kind in Latin America and one of the world's largest quantity and variety of collections.Due to the university with debts government, however was forced to close, with its collection auctioned by court decision.The Automobile Museum was the soul of the Museum of Technology.It was the largest in Brazil and one of the world's largest, with a collection of over 270 vehicles ( cars, utilities and motorcycles ) that ranged from the older cars ( Oldsmobile in 1904 ) to more recent models (such as a prototype of the Chevrolet Astra 1999 ).Esstavam rarities on display as Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Cadillac, Jaguar and Maserati, along with vehicles that were true milestones in the history of the automobile industry globally and nationally, as Chevrolet, Ford, Volkswagen, Fiat, Renault, among other equally important.The museum also had an area of six square meters for the technical reserve of vehicles and restoration workshops. The collection vehicle was recovered about 350 units of various brands and models.The intention of the museum was to be closely linked to university courses, intending to train professionals in the areas focused on museology.

Park Getulio Vargas

is an area-preserving nature and this area is also the zoo of Canoas.The park opened on December 13th of 1980, the population is to take a walk in one of the few environmental areas where nature has been spared the man's action in the city.This is one of the Headwaters Park Arroyo araça.This spring forms a natural lake that supplies more than two small lakes (home to many fish, turtles and other native animals).Parque Vargas already very confused with the former is a neighborhood park in Fatima, where people usually go for running, walking, playing soccer, volleyball, basketball or tennis, or take the kids or walking the dog and is where his great canoe events such as the carnal, farropilha week, Labor Day, skating championships etc.

Heron Island

The municipality of Canoas has an island in its territorial area.Near the site where the company Riograndense Sanitation ( Corsan ) is the abstraction of water to supply the city, is the Island of the Herons.The space is part of the State Park Jacui Delta area and is considered biological reserve since 1979, when he was drafted the Basic Plan of the State Park Delta Jacui.The territory belongs to the State Government.On the island, is not permitted in housing or any other type of building structure.As the manager Deployment State Park Delta Jacui, Gerson Bruss, the latest survey from Zoobotanica Foundation found that the determination is being fulfilled.The Heron Island is uninhabited.At these locations the conflict between environmental preservation and human presence is very strong.

Martin Luther Library

The Library Martin Luther of Canoas serves the university community Ulbra, in teaching, research and extension.Its collection covers all subject areas, activities to support the academic, scientific and cultural.In the Library Martin Luther the student may have access to a varied collection of multiple media such as books, scientific publications, scientific journals, documentaries on DVD and VHS, encyclopedias on CD-ROM and access to E-Books.

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