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Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands
Type of Location
Hill Station
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How to Reach

By Bus

The nearest major town is Ipoh. From Kuala Lumpur, buses to Tanah Rata can be caught at Puduraya Central Bus Station and take about 4 1/2 hours. Due to renovations however, the station is currently closed and will not be reopening until early next year. The car park at Bukit Jalil is serving as a temporary replacement. To get to Bukit Jalil from KL there is a 2MYR shuttle bus.

Look around the ticket counters to find the various companies although they don't always have buses running at the advertised times. Buses leave between 8.30 and 3.30, but more buses run in the morning. Prices range from RM20 - RM35. The cheaper Kurnia Bistari bus tickets can be bought at ticket counter 86/87. Many locals and other seasoned travelers however strongly advise against taking the Kurnia Bistari bus service as it is the least reliable and most uncomfortable.

From Singapore, overnight VIP buses run from the Golden Mile tower/complex. Coach companies such as Grassland and Fivestar charge between $55 and $65 (Singapore dollars) depending on the day and time of travel . Travelling time to Cameron Highlands is around 10 hours stopping at Ringlet, Lakehouse, Brinchang Hotel, Equatorial Hotel and Tanah Rata.

By Car

From North-South Expressway, exit the expressway at Tapah and then proceed via route 59 straight along the way to the highlands. You are estimated to reach the south end's first town of Ringlet in 1 hour 30 minutes.

Alternatively, you can exit the expressway at Simpang Pulai, Ipoh and proceed via a new route 145 to Cameron Highlands along the way to the top.You can expect to reach the first town of the northern end, Kampung Raja, in an hour.

By shuttle mini van

You can also use mini van transfer to get to Cameron Highlands: From Kuala Lumpur-pick up at Swiss Inn Jalan Sultan Chinatown. 12pm daily RM35 From Penang-pick up at Georgetown 11:30am Daily RM38 From Taman Negara-pick up at Kuala Tembeling Jetty. RM85

Key places to visit
Mossy Forest , Butterfly Garden, Lata Iskandar, Flower Nurseries, Boh Tea Centre Sungai Palas


Places to Visit

Mossy Forest

The forests of the high mountains of Cameron Highlands are able to strip moisture from the clouds, hence referred to as 'cloud-forests' or 'mossy-forests'. Here the general appearance of the forest trees tends to be dwarfed to about 10m tall.There are also large numbers of mosses, liverworts, ferns and fern allies, as well as, pitcher plants, rhododendrons and wild orchids associated with these forests.These forests are often likened by the locals to the mystic forest of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden stocks a variety of insects, reptiles, mammals and birds housed on a landscaped garden with festoons of orchids, ferns, vines and other greenery. Another attached garden is filled with flowers such as roses and hibiscus with streams of Rajah Brooke butterflies. If coming from Brinchang town, the Butterfly Garden is located at right after the Butterfly Farm, so don't get confused. If coming from Simpang Pulai, then the Butterfly Garden will be the first on your left.

Lata Iskandar

Lata Iskandar is a series of waterfalls that you'll encounter about 15 km after Tapah along the trunk road to Cameron Highlands. While not directly within the Cameron Highlands, this waterfall is the most well known in the area due to its sheer size and magnificent drop. This majestic waterfall cascades for 25-meters down into a series of rock pools. Over the years, the landscape has changed somewhat due to erosion and the force of the waters hitting the rocks.

Flower Nurseries

Fresh flowers are cultivated in the highlands and is a leading export product. Flower nurseries can be found located on the hilly inclines bordering the main road in Brinchang. Blooms like roses, chrysanthemum, carnations, dalia, geranium, fuschia, gladioli and 'everlasting flowers' are grown at the nurseries. No visit to the highlands is complete without purchasing some of these fresh colourful cuts to take back home.

Boh Tea Centre Sungai Palas

This is an amazingly scenic tea estate open for visitors to view the tea processing factory, tea and souvenir shop and audio visual center. Enjoy a cup of tea with your friends and loved ones overlooking beautiful views of the tea plantation on an elevated platform. Located along the Gunung Brinchang road. Turn left after the Butterfly Farm near the Equatorial Hill Resort.

Right Time to Visit

December - February