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By air

Nearest airports to Calarasi are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.
    Silistra Airport (distanced approximately 24 km)
    Constanta Airport (distanced approximately 94 km)
    Bucharest Baneasa Airport (distanced approximately 100 km)
    Bucuresti Airport (distanced approximately 110 km)
    Varna Airport (distanced approximately 110 km)

By rail

Railroads are relatively well integrated into the city as part of his life, but also a strong element of segregation, as a factor of noise. Calarasi South railway station railway provides regular flights connecting the city and the county and region and link with the capital and other cities: Slobozia, Braila, Constanta.

Key places to visit
Zoo, Museum Lower Danube, Statue of King Charles I, Beaches


Places to Visit


Opened its doors in June 1, 1980 under the leadership of George Tatavura to understand the leadership and the county and brought some species of mammals, both wild and domestic birds and exotic collection of them belonged. Calarasi Zoo has seen a rapid growth becoming one of the largest zoos in Romania, both in size and in number of species.In February 1985, due to an unfinished dam was a flood that covered the entire zoo. A small number of animals he could be saved, including a Carpathian bear that had the power to stand all night in a tree in the morning got into the boat which was anchored near the tree especially.In 1990 the zoo animals were housed in Calarasi unique in Romania, which was due to exchange of animals between zoos in Calarasi and such other overseas locations.

Museum Lower Danube

Museum was born in 1951 with the profile of archeology. Development was made possible by an enthusiastic group of intellectuals led by Nita Calarasi Anghelescu (former director of the museum), curlew Vasile Gheorghe Florea, etc.. They found numerous archaeological sites and monuments, which increased the property and therefore need to change the location of the museum several times.In 1968, the re Ialomita, the museum functions as the County Museum Archaeology Department Ialomita Slobozia.In 1981, Calarasi County Department of Archaeology Museum is, after nine years becoming the Lower Danube Museum.In 2003 the Department of Archaeology in the reinstatement work is carried out by four archaeologists, two curators, two conservatives and a restaurant with ancillary perspnalul.Desfasirata research in the museum materializes through a collection of over 40,000 pieces. Archaeological Department were joined in many cauzuri specialists at the National Museum of History, Institute of Archaeology Vasile Parvan museums in Bucharest and Constanta, Galati, Buzau.

Statue of King Charles I

Located in the May 2008 near the gymnasium that bears his name. At the unveiling was attended by scores of personalities including His Grace Bishop Calarasi Sloboziei and Michael King who was charged with Mayor Nicholas Dragu with statue unveiling.
Statue of King Charles I is the first equestrian statue of a member of the Royal unveiled after 1989.
    Island on the Danube, Borcea branch and beaches their
    Park City (where the only statue of Burebista )
    Byzantine ruins Vicina
    A rich wildlife ( boars, deer, pheasants, ducks, etc.)
    Archaeological site in Calarasi, point " Gradistea - Calarasi ", located 2 km from the city


The three beaches offer both furnished Calarasi and tourist places of entertainment during the summer; Most of the beaches is on the opposite arm Borcea, known as Grand Beach. Access is by boat or boat. It is located across the street from Central Park. The second beach is located near Beach Youth Forest. Last beach connects with Albatros restaurant terrace. Calarasi is endowed with three artificial football fields arranged. Also, several nightlife clubs are very active city. There is also a recreational trail along the Danube by boat, the starting point is the station located in Central Park and the destination is on the Bulgarian bank, in Silistra. Calarasi site has a skating rink in the sports complex "Youth" that can skate in any season, a 3D cinema cafe, and since 2012, a 3D cinema.

Right Time to Visit

November - December