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By Air

Black Hole Airport is located in the town of Calabozo in the state of Guarico in Venezuela.Served during the years 1960 to the airline Aeropostal with regular flights.He starred in a plane crash in 1963 that killed all the occupants an event produced by the leftist guerrillas of the time.In 1994, three drug hijacked an airliner forcing the pilot and copilot, the only occupants at the time to descend from the apparatus.

By Train

The construction of the Railroad San Juan de los Morros - Dos Caminos - The Trail - Calabozo - Corozopando - Camaguan - San Fernando de Apure where his station will be located in the urbanization Guaitoito near the Iranian city of Los Llanos Highway which will be the Core 2 (The Crossroads - San Juan - Calabozo - San Fernando) to communicate from North to South.Calabozo is one of the most important lines are there in the State Guarico.La Octavio Viana Avenue is the main city.

By Bus

It has about 48 seats buses on routes that are used as the route to the east of the city (Mission Up) or the south (Canafistola): its cost is 2 Bsf Monday to Friday and weekends and 2.50 or holidays to El Rastro Bsf and Guardatinajas " parish north of the City ". Are addressed in the city center in Race 11.

Key places to visit
Calabozo Cathedral, Church of Mercy, Calabozo City Museum, Guarico Reservoir, Aguaro National Park


Places to Visit

Calabozo Cathedral

is a baroque cathedral located in Calabozo, Venezuela.It is a beautiful example of what are the Baroque cathedrals in Venezuela which has had several transformations through time.The Cathedral was born on the foundation of Calabozo on 1 February 1724, as Lucas Guillermo Castillo Lara relates in his book on the village of All Saints Calabozo, "The father Cadiz blessed in God's name to land that received them and the men who populated it.Every one will be based proclaimed on behalf of the Royal Majesty after Friar accompanied by the villagers planted a simple cross to secure the future site of the church, drew a straight line of the square rectangle outlined the first four streets and first twelve solar distributed until April 1729 when during the visit of Bishop Juan Jose Calatayud was built as such between 1754 and 1790 to slow construction.We begin the construction of the Second Parish Church but in the twentieth century when the dome was built with the clock now is the icon of the city and be one of the largest in the Venezuelan state.

Church of Mercy

This colonial gem is one of the wonders that keeps Calabozo, the town of Todos Los Santos.With a beautiful little square in front that has at its center the statue of one of the most famous leaders of Venezuela, Jose Antonio Paez we see the church and its golden dome.This is the oldest church in the city since its founding and was taken into account to establish a church in the sector giving in a few years later found it.

Calabozo City Museum

The Museum of the City of Calabozo, Venezuela was founded on July 23, 2004 at the initiative of the mayor at the time.In mid-2007 an agreement was signed between the Municipality Mayor Francisco de Miranda and the NATIONAL MUSEUM FOUNDATION for our museum became part of the Network of Museums of the Ministry of Popular Power for Culture as it is the first museum of all Guarico state.Former home of the Dominguez family where we can see one of the entrances to the Calabozo tunnel this tunnel was built at the end of the eighteenth century the churches connected Calabozo and served as an escape from some families who had access to it in the time of the War of Independence also has a collection of Pines of the family of Juan Vicente Torrealba.The house where the museum was acquired by the Mayor of the Municipality in 2004, after acquiring it began plans for the early establishment of the MUSEUM OF THE CITY Idea worried that since many centuries ago Calabocenos in resent decades initiatives were carried out in some public places etc.

Guarico Reservoir

The first thing we see the reach Calabozo is its impressive dam Dam Genneroso name Campilongo (Guarico River Reservoir) after the Italian-born engineer who designed and built that dam, built in 1956. This dam is one of the largest in Venezuela and throughout Latin America.Later we will see more about this dam built at the time of General Marcos Perez Jimenez and feeds the irrigation system in the area and makes these plains in huge rice farmers.

Aguaro National Park

is a national park in Venezuela located in the State Guarico in the municipalities Sebastian Francisco de Miranda and Las Mercedes.In 1974 the National Government by Decree No 1686 dated March 7, National Park was created Aguaro-Guariquito on a tract of land located south of Guarico State under the jurisdiction of the municipalities Sebastian Francisco de Miranda and Las Mercedes.This large park covers 569,000 flat has what is on its size in fifth place in the National Parks of Venezuela.Activities like Hiking, camping, outdoor recreation and picnic.

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October - December