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Boa Vista

Amazonas - Brazil
Boa Vista
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By plane

TAM and Gol operate to all large Brazilian airports, mostly via Manaus and/or Brasília. Locally based Meta have more regional destinations, and also crosses the border into Suriname and Guyana. The 10-minute cab ride from the airport to the centre runs at fixed 30 reais.

By bus

Boa Vista has 3 daily bus connections to Manaus by way of Presidente Figueiredo by Eucatur. This includes an en route passport screen by the Federal Police. Also buses to deep into Venezuela. Six daily buses to Bonfim and the border with Guyana. If crossing the border, do not get off in Bonfim, the bus will continue to the border.

Key places to visit
The biggest park, Taumanam, Ayrton Senna complex, Universidade Federal de Roraima


Places to Visit
  • The biggest park of the north region of Brazil is placed here, the Anaua Park, a major recreational park that has inside it a Forrodromo (show place), a square, a lake and a kartracing facility.
  • Taumanam is a small artificial coast on Rio Branco. It has several stores and snack bars and was created in 2005.
  • Ayrton Senna complex is the most visited touristic area in Boa Vista, it is composed by Ayrton Senna, Velia Coutinho (Alimentation square and a show place), Praça das Águas (a square where there is a water show), Millennium portal (it was created to commemorate the 21's) and Praça das Artes (the newest and the largest squares of the complex, built together with park area).
  • Universidade Federal de Roraima.Com vista a melhoria de atendimento e divulgação dos informes para o público acadêmico da UFRR e sociedade em geral, a Coordenadoria de Comunicação (CoordCom) informa que os setores que possuem páginas deverão divulgar suas notícias e editais na mesma.
Right Time to Visit

January - March
October - December