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Santa Catarina
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By bus

It is very easy to get to Blumenau by bus, there are several interstate companies with regular lines to Blumenau and region. A trip from São Paulo takes about 10 hours and costs about  one-way. The Bus Station is open 24 hours a day and has showers, free bathrooms and a diner. It is served by urban buses to PROEB (downtown) and Fortaleza (fortaleza neighborhood) Terminals.

By plane

The nearest airport is Ministro Victor Konder International Airport, located 59 km away in Navegantes, with flights only from Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre. In the airport there buses to take you downtown Blumenau. GOL Linhas Aéreas also has free buses for its costumers.

By car

If you are not far away, you can come by car. The main road in the coast of the State is BR-101, but there is no way to get into Blumenau directly through this road. You will have to use either BR-470 (which is very dangerous),or SC-470, known as Rodovia Governador Jorge Lacerda, which goes through the cities of Itajaí, Ilhota and Gaspar. This road is not as fast as BR-470, but it's much safer, has less trucks and it is better illuminated at night. You still have an option, using SC-486, which goes to Brusque, a nearby city, and then from there to Gaspar and Blumenau.

Key places to visit
Castelinho da Havan, Teatro Carlos Gomes, Ponte Lauro Müller, Museu da Água , São Paulo Apóstolo Cathedral


Places to Visit

Castelinho da Havan - Also known simply as "Moelmann", this german-style building is one of the city's landmark. The building was home to a traditional department store, which bankrupted in the 90's. Then it became home to the Tourism Secretary and there were sometimes some expositions there. Now, it became a local department store, created in Brusque. Although it's a department store, people kept the entrance's design and added a nice balcony in the second floor where is located some kind of a restaurant or a bar. And in the basement, which was actually a dungeon, now there is a pub. The place is on both Beira-rio and Rua XV de Novembro, right in the middle of the city.

Teatro Carlos Gomes - Built in 1939, this big theatre is the only one in the city. Its façade and gardens were reformed in 2006 and if you're lucky you can get to see plays with some famous Brazilian actors. It's located in Rua XV de Novembro.

Ponte Lauro Müller - Also popularly known as Ponte do Salto (Salto Bridge), this bridge was built in 1913 and, due to structural problems it fell in 1982. It was restored and rebuilt in 1983 and reformed again in 2002. It's the only bridge with a roof in the city. This bridge is in Rua Bahia, in the Salto neighborhood, North of the city.

Museu da Água - Located in Rua Lages - Boa Vista neighborhood, this museum does not only show the process of treatment of the water (Water Museum), but it also has some historical pictures of the city and the nicest viewspot in the city. From there you can see pretty much all of downtown and parts of other neighborhoods like Velha and Ponta Aguda (across the river, from the city center). Free admission.

São Paulo Apóstolo Cathedral - This Cathedral is the biggest church in the city. Located right in the middle of the city, close to "Moelmann" it has also one of the symbols of the city: its tower. The stone tower is 45 meters high and you can see it from pretty much everywhere downtown. The church was built in place of an older (and smaller) one and open in 1956 and became a cathedral in the early 2000s. Check its modern architecture.

Right Time to Visit

January - March
October - December