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Bila Tserkva

Kiev Oblast
Bila Tserkva
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By Air

Air passengers arrive in Kiev through one of two airports: the Boryspil Airport which is served by many international airlines and the smaller Zhulyany Airport, serving mostly domestic flights and limited flights to nearby countries.The international passenger terminal at Boryspil is small, yet modern, being expanded in 2006.There is a separate terminal for domestic flights within walking distance.Passengers flying to other countries from Ukraine usually travel through Boryspil, as other airports in Ukraine such as Donetsk, Simferopol, Odessa, provide very limited international connections.There is also Gostomel cargo airport in Kiev's north-western suburb of Hostomel.the airport is located in Kiev oblast of Ukraine about 80 km from Bila Tserkva city.

By Train

Railways are Kiev’s main mode of intercity transportation.The city has a developed railroad infrastructure including a long-distance passenger station, 6 cargo stations, depots and repairing facilities.However this system still fails to meet the demand for passenger service.Particularly, the Kiev Passenger Railway Station is the city's only long-distance passenger terminal (vokzal).

By Bus

Bilotserkivskiy trolley operating in the district center of Kiev Region City Bila Tserkva trolleybus system of Ukraine.Trolley in Bila Tserkva, as a form of public transport plays no fundamental its routes are duplicated (and with variations) urban bus and taxi main means of transportation the city and intervals of the machine on the route is quite large, yet remain comfortable trolley and relatively popular mode of transport in the city.Trolleybus motion in the Bila Tserkva was opened on 23 June 1980 year.The length of the first section then was 6.1 km from the street entrance to the central Pavlychenko tire factory.Movement opened 12 cars ZiU-682V.By 1984, the line podovzhuvalas 4 more times as in one or the other way, thus formed the central city trolleybus route No. 1 - from Victory Square to the railway station in the neighborhood "Rotok."

Key places to visit
Bila Tserkva Cathedral, Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Alexandria Park, Bilotserkivskiy Museum, PK Saksaganskogo Academic Drama Theater, Broome Shops


Places to Visit

Bila Tserkva Cathedral

Bila Tserkva Cathedral was built in in 1833 -1,839 years in the yard dilapidated St. Nicholas Church.Zakazchitsa - Branitskiy Alexander was buried 15 August 1839 at the Alexander Nevsky paid to ordained before they reach completion.Erected on the project Odessa Cathedral (Engineer - Vanrezont, architect Frapolli).The temple was built in classical style.The building is brick, plastered, cruciate in the plan, height 40 m, blocked dome on a high drum.East and west entrances decorated 4-columned porticos, South shestykolonnym.The main portico restoration in the 90 pp twentieth century, Doric order.The facades of columns corresponding pilasters.Rectangular window openings decorated sandrykamy.Brick floors, sklepinchate.The interior was painted monumental oil painting, which has not survived to our days.

Church of St. Mary Magdalene

one of the most famous religious buildings of the Bila Tserkva and its environs.The temple was built in 1843 year, the funds allocated for the construction of the sanctuary Vladislav Branitskiy.The church is located outside the historic center of the Bila Tserkva.After the Bolshevik Revolution was the fate of the house like many other Orthodox churches.In the period from 1934 to 1942, the church of St. Mary Magdalene Equal been closed.In 1942, when Kiev was occupied by the Germans, church reopened for believers.Since then the temple doors for parishioners has not closed.Restoration work in the building of the church were held in 1988 year.The exterior was painted again masters of Pochayev.At the same time along with the worship was built a chapel over the well.In 2001 he began the construction of women's monastery, which is now operating.

Alexandria Park

is a State dendrology park of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.Located in the northeastern part of Right-Bank forest, 80 km to the south of Kyiv on the northwestern outskirts of Bila Tserkva, at a height of 80 - 106 m above sea level.It is the largest (over 290 ha) architecture designed landscape park in Ukraine.The park is located on an area 297 hectares on the banks of the river Ros.Square decorative water park (rate and R. Ross) is 21 hectares.The total length of lanes and alleys is over 20 km.Park is an example of landscape park composition, which is based plants, architecture, sculpture, water expanse of the Ross River and ponds.

Bilotserkivskiy Museum

is a District Historical Museum in Bila Tserkva Kyiv Region; impressive collection of monuments of material and spiritual culture of South Kiev region, city and regional center of culture, science and education.Bilotserkivskiy museum contained in a special pivot modern building in the heart of the White Tserky on Castle Hill at: pl. Cathedral, house. 4, 09117 Bila Tserkva (Kiev, Ukraine).Working hours for visitors: from 10:00 to 18:00, a day off - Wednesday.The first attempt of a public museum in the Bila Tserkva is associated with the activities of "The Enlightenment", which appeared in the city immediately after the coup Zhovtneoho (1917).That effort members of the association in 1918 was opened here the archaeological museum of historical, geological and archival departments, funds which consisted mostly of their own collections of members of the "Enlightenment".S. Drozdov gave the museum a number of unique historical documents he is at the beginning of 1919, headed the museum association.

PK Saksaganskogo Academic Drama Theater

is a Regional Academic Drama Theater in Bila Tserkva, a significant cultural center of the city and region.located in a building adapted to: lane. Club, house. 1, Bila Tserkva Kiev, Ukraine.Theatre, contained in the former premises of the club, has a large and a small stage.Theatre (2000's) occur almost entirely state Ukrainian language, occasionally in Russian.Theatre now known as the Kyiv Academic Drama Theater named after PK Saksaganskogo was founded in 1933 year.In 1937 year he was named Luminaries of the Ukrainian theater Panas Karpovich Saksaganskogo.In the 2nd half of the 2000s under the leadership of new director Vyacheslav Uskova, actor theater troupe has increased three times and 70 percent is made up of young actors, theater graduate schools, which were taken to the theater on a competitive basis.To date (beginning of 2010 year) troupe of the theater includes 66 artists including artists drama, singers, ballet dancers and an orchestra with them 5 Honored Artists of Ukraine.

Broome Shops

a complex series of trade in the Bila Tserkva, built in the early XIX century by Count Ksaveri Branytski, historical and architectural monument of the city.Monument of national importance (Adopted at the Post account.RM USSR from 24.08.63 No. 970).Built in the style of early classicism closed Guest House turned to an area of large arches on the front porticos along the axis of the four facades. Portico played a large compositional role, closing the prospect of four mutually perpendicular streets, along the axes of a square-planned retail space. Originally settled shopping complex area of ​​about 5 thousand square meters. m was calculated at 85 stores.The opening of trade series has stimulated trade in the Bila Tserkva and helped expand the Jewish community. Opposite stands Broom Hotel "Kyiv" plaque which proclaims that in Shops liked coming Nechuy-John Lewicki for collecting pearls of folk speech.In Soviet times to the 80th at Shopping rows stood a statue of Lenin , who later moved but not far.Old Broome is still used for their intended purpose - there are shops and cafes. There are various festivals and cultural events including holiday flowers, when placed around their Trademark series shows all the educational institutions of the Bila Tserkva.

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