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By airplane
The international airports of Geneva, Basel and Zurich are approx. 1 hour away. The Euroairport Basel-Mulhausen is the nearest.

By train
Biel/Bienne has train connections to nearly every city in Switzerland. Direct connection Lausanne, Geneva, Berne, Basel, Eastern Switzerland, Lake Constance and Zurich To Olten - Zürich Eastern Switzerland 30 minutes, to Berne every 20 Minutes, everywhere else they run hourly.

By car
3 highways are connecting Biel/Bienne with the rest of Switzerland.

By boat
As Biel/Bienne is located at the end of Lake Biel, it can be reached by boat from other touristic lake villages, e.g. Ligerz.

Key places to visit
historic medieval Town, The Neuhaus Museums, The Museum Schwab


Places to Visit

historic medieval Town(Bieler Altstadt / Vieille ville de Bienne) Since the lowering of the water level by two meters, St. Peter's Island is actually no longer an island. Today one can reach the popular island on Lake Biel not only by boat, but from Erlach also by foot or bicycle. The land connection offers shelter for protected animals and plants.
The monastery that was founded on the island in 1127 is no longer in existence. Instead, the historic walls harbor an award-winning hotel and restaurant. What remains to this day is the charm of St. Peter's Island, which enchanted famous personalities such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Part of its charm is the medieval character of the little town of Erlach and this island's own often quickly sold out wine.

The Neuhaus Museums

If you walk to the direction of the lake, you come to the "museum mile". From the big India material printer from the middle of the 18th-century arose the "museum Neuhaus". It shows the housing tradition of the 19th-century and collections of animal- and plant aquarelles of the painter's family Robert Walser. The museum also shows the exposition of Karl and Robert Walser, which document the relation rich tension of the artist brothers who are born in Biel/Bienne.

The Museum Schwab

The museum Schwab is dedicated to the pre- and early history. This museum is at Seevorstadt 50 and is open Tue. - Sat. from 14:00 - 18:00, Sun. 11:00 - 17:00. Contemporary Swiss art is to be seen in the Centre Pasquart right beside the museum Schwab. The Seevorstadt (lake suburb) lined by trees further leads to the beach ground and to the leisure equipment at the lake.

If you are a watch fan, you may not let out the Museum Omega situated at the Stämpflistrasse 96. Please be advised that you have to register at 032 34392 11 before visiting this Museum Omega. The castle in the neighboring town of Nidau, today seat of the district administration, was once a splendid water castle (before 1196) of the counts of Nidau.

Right Time to Visit

January - March
November - December