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Sao Paulo
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By Air

Azul Brazilian Airlines has its headquarters in Barueri.In addition, Walmart Brasil has its headquarters in Barueri.

By Train

The city is served by the trains of line B of the Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos (literally Sao Paulo Metropolitan Railway Company), (CPTM).CPTM operates six lines in the Greater Sao Paulo area, identified by number and color.Most of these lines run on surface tracks and share right of way with freight trains.Service starts every day at 4 AM, when trains depart from each terminus, until the last train leaves at midnight.On Saturdays operation is extended until 1 AM.The company charges a flat fare that can be paid either by magnetic ticket sold in the stations or with a rechargeable smartcard and grants access to any of the rail lines on the Greater Sao Paulo.

By Bus

Basically the Municipal Transportation Barueri is organized simply, through grants to public companies, which in turn use public terminals, according to sources of their own Department of Transportation in the city.The city of Barueri has a means of public transportation, currently under concession bus company BBTT Benfica.The city is also served by trains of CPTM Line 8, with four train stations: John Anthony, Barueri, Garden Belval and Garden Silveira.The city currently has three bus terminals: In eastern Baghdad, Terminal Park Imperial Terminal in central and southern Barueri Terminal Garden Silveira.The buses have electronic turnstiles in which the card is accepted Benfacil, which entitles them to integrate buses and bus-train-bus (only city buses and unidirectional lines to neighborhoods Alphaville and Aldeia da Serra, there is no integration to other districts) within two hours after having validated the card in the electronic turnstiles.

Key places to visit
City Museum of Barueri, Museum of the Bible and Events Center, City Theatre of Barueri, Barueri Arena, Cathedral Square


Places to Visit

City Museum of Barueri

The Municipal Museum of Barueri located in the Jardim Belval, is housed in a mansion built in 1920.The museum was listed by the Municipal Council of Cultural Heritage, the site hosts a series of exhibitions temporary and permanent by telling them the story of Barueri since 1560.The site also houses objects Indians found in the village of Barueri.The museum also houses an old wagon English style in 1901 serving as a library.The house where you installed the museum was built in 1920.The venue hosted the Pottery Belo Vale which gave rise to the name of the neighborhood that is Belval Garden.

Museum of the Bible and Events Center

The Museum of the Bible is located in Port Vila is a partnership between the City of Barueri and the Bible Society of Brazil, is the first museum in the country in this segment.The museum has pieces of Bibles and biblical text in more than 1,500 languages also has several miniatures including the smallest book in the world.The museum also houses a replica of the printing press of Gutenberg , who printed the first Bible in history.Interconnected to the Museum is the Events Center a courtyard with two auditoriums with 497 seats each totaling 994 seats is designed for conventions, seminars, workshops and more.

City Theatre of Barueri

The Municipal Theatre of Barueri, opened in 1992 receives various cultural events such as presentations of comedy Stand-up, orchestras and theater plays.

Barueri Arena

The Barueri Arena is a multipurpose arena, located in the city of Barueri, Sao Paulo Metropolitan Region.The field belongs to the municipal government of Barueri and is the principal staff Barueri Sport Club and now has around the View events.The arena also serves as an alternative to the big clubs of the capital due to the low cost of rent charged by the city, the excellent condition of the lawn and easy access to town.On May 26th of 2007 was inaugurated the first phase of the arena with a capacity of 16,419 people in Crickhowell x Barueri game, game of the series B Championship 2007.The last phase of construction of the grandstand where the capacity was expanded to 35,000 seats was completed in 2010 and inaugurated on September 25, 2010 had the Saints as a team game played by the principal in the 25th round of the Championship Brazil in 2010 in which the Saints thrashed Cruzeiro 4-1.The club was special guest and had all expenses paid by the city of Barueri.The arena has the next phase of the construction of the roof of the stadium, is slated for completion by the end of 2011.

Cathedral Square

is a public space located in the central area of the city of Sao Paulo.In it, the monument is located in the city ground zero.From it, there are the distances of all roads departing from Sao Paulo, as well as the numbering of thoroughfares of the city.Considered almost a synonym for the Old City Center, the plaza is one of the most popular areas of the city and was the scene of many important events for the history of the country, as the rally of the Direct Elections Now.The name is due to the fact that the square Tues been developed in front of the Cathedral of Sao Paulo.Originally known as the Cathedral Square, the plaza was developed from the building during the colonial period of the Church in the city (now replaced by the Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Paul in the twentieth century ) and a series of buildings around it.In the early twentieth century however with the demolition of several of the original buildings and works of urban beautification and changes in the road system the square became and remained so until the second half of the century.

Right Time to Visit

October - February
May - August